Awesome Gyllene Tider site on

An incredibly awesome Gyllene Tider site is now created on under ”Nöje & Kultur” menu. How cool is that! You can find there EVERYTHING about Gyllene Tider. From old articles via the flow of their social media sites to Hallandsposten’s visit in their rehearsal studio last Thursday. There is only one single problem: you can get access to anything only if you are a subscriber. Without a subscription you can check the main menu of GT’s site, which looks just fantastic. It’s a great idea from Hallandsposten. Now their number of subscribers will most probably increase like hell. 😉




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  1. Some of the articles seems to be available without login if you Google: gyllene tider + news100 + hallandsposten , you can then refine your search with whatever you wanna read +news100. Seems to be text only though, no pictures.

    I just read the old reviews and now understand perhaps why Jan-Owe Wikström is portrayed the way he is in “Join the Flumeride”, it seems like his review of for instance “Puls” totally lacks objectivity, although a good album, it’s quite interesting to read how it’s portrayed.

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