Gyllene Tider at No. 2 this week!

After spending 7 weeks at the top of the Swedish album charts, Gyllene Tider’s Dags att tänka på refrängen is No. 2 this week. You can find Black Sabbath’s new album (13) at No. 1.

GT’s 6th studio album can still be No. 1 next week, just think back that Finn 5 fel! was No. 1 for 6 weeks in a row, then it was No. 2 and became No. 1 again for one week. The already gold, platinum and double platinum DATPR record entered the charts on 3rd May, 2013. Gold status in Sweden is for the achievement of 20000 record sales, platinum is for 40000.

As Per informed us last week:

The Official Swedish album chart is based entirely on physical sales (no Spotify, no iTunes etc.), while the official singles chart is the opposite, based on streaming (since there are hardly any physical sales – only vinyl sometimes). Pls note: iTunes has, for some reason, decided to stay away from both official Swedish charts.


Fingers crossed for DATPR climbing back to No. 1 next week, but wherever the album is landing, it’s still No. 1 for us!