Galavant feat. Per Gessle?

Galavant is a young house duo (Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöström) from Halmstad. You might know this song from them, as it has become a hit: Tonight

They already told in May, when they were interviewed by NRJ that they don’t know Per Gessle personally, but were talking about calling Per to do something together. It seems that this something is on its way, as yesterday they tweeted:

Studio session imorgon med levande legenden Per Gessle!!! Let’s make them hits!

They were indeed together in the studio today, as you can see on this photo:

Galavant_and_Per_Gessle_20130919 © Galavant


So, now we just have to wait for what kind of project it is and when the result is out. Sounds exciting!