Per Gessle – On Top of Billboard

Only 18 people have ever, as the sole songwriter, had more than two No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 list. This was announced by Billboard where they also listed all of the 18 people who have succeeded with the achievement, since ‘Billboard Hot 100’ was launched in 1958.

As Billboard writes, the majority of hit songs in recent years have been written by committee. But prior to 2000, many songs were the work of just one songwriter – a talented scribe who, all by him or herself, came up with both music and lyrics (imagine that!).

With three number one hits, Per Gessle takes a place on this list, as the sole songwriter for Roxette’s songs “The Look” (1989), “It Must Have Been Love” (1990) and “Joyride” (1991).

Per says:

Wow! Amazing to be in such great company. Being number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 is every songwriter’s big dream. My most humble and sincere thanks.

The 18 songwriters on the list are (alphabetical order, number of No. 1 songs): Lionel Richie (8), Diane Warren (8), Michael Jackson (7), George Michael (7), Paul McCartney (7), Stevie Wonder (7), Prince (6), Phil Collins (4), Neil Diamond (4), Paul Simon (4), John Denver (3), John Farrar (3), Per Gessle (3), Billy Joel (3), R. Kelly (3), Richard Marx (3), Maurice Starr (3), Sly Stone (3).

Ten of these 18 songwriters have been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Per Gessle has not yet been inducted, but we think he would also well deserve it!

Roxette has 4 Billboard No. 1 songs. Besides the above mentioned 3, “Listen To Your Heart” was also No. 1 (1989). Per Gessle wrote it together with Mats MP Persson.

Huge congratulations, Per!

Photo by Anton Corbijn