Caroline Roosmark dedicates her 2021 calendar to Marie Fredriksson

You surely remember that in 2012 Marie appeared in a calendar in Sweden. Photographer Caroline Roosmark publishes a calendar each year including photos she took of women and men of the year, since 2019 only of women. At the end of 2011 she took a picture of Marie and published it in her 2012 calendar. Marie was on its May page.

In 2021 Caroline publishes a calendar of “Fabulous Women” and she dedicates it to Marie Fredriksson. Her words are written next to Marie’s photo:

In memory of Marie Fredriksson

Wonderful are the days when your music is heard so clearly. It’s hard to understand, but the perception comes one morning when the radio plays your song, of course you sing along. It helps a little to ponder like that, listen to the feeling of the song and its tone. Chords you have recently listened to or heard remind you of music and power to which the vibration belonged to then. As in Tro… or Sparvöga… it was your words, your music, tracks that will live forever… It Must Have Been Love, so strange, everything feels so normal and the same again, even though you are not there anymore, you are still here, it was such a wonderful time then, but far too short, too many and too few.

You can order the calendar HERE!

Photo by Caroline Roosmark (2011)