Pre-listen to Marie Fredriksson’s “NU!” on WiMP!

As it was announced on Marie Fredriksson’s official Facebook page, from today on and until the album digital release (November 18th) two songs from the album will be available for pre-streaming on WiMP:

Today the following tracks are available:
Det bästa som nånsin kan hända:
Det är nu!:

Cool, he?

Don’t forget to pre-order the album on Ginza, CDON or Bengans and get a signed postcard as a special treat!

Update on 15th November:

Sista sommarens vals:

Update on 16th November:

Aldrig längre bort än nära:
Bara 3 ord:

Update on 17th November:

Känn dig som hemma:
Jag undrar vad du tänker på:

Update on 18th November:

Stjärna som brinner:
I morgon:
Vad vore jag utan dig:

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More interviews for the Roxette radio documentary

You might remember our earlier article about the radio documentary celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Look Sharp!”. Tove Meyer and Tara Moshizi are now ready with all the interviews. And yeah x 3: Marie will also appear in the docu, since she was interviewed today! There are not too many interviews with her these days, so it’s awesome that there will be a chance to hear her again.

Show will be on air in December. We will let you know about the exact date and time.

Tara_M    Tove_M

In the studio – Tara Moshizi, Marie Fredriksson, Tove Meyer   © Tara M. and © Tove M.


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Some more fantastic Gyllene Tider pics from the book

Roos & Tegnér AB has just uploaded a short video to their YouTube channel including some more beauty shots from the upcoming ”Alla tiders Gyllene Tider” book written by Jan-Owe Wikström, photographed by Anders Roos. Waiting impatiently for the book to be published in 3 days (15th November), aren’t we? Enjoy the video by clicking at the picture below! A little GT music could have been added to it, but you can just put on your own Gyllene Tider record and watch it that way.


Alla tiders Gyllene Tider

© Anders Roos


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Official DVD/Bluray trailer is out

Thanks to Kathie Winn for finding this out.

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Gyllene Tider book is out in a week

As we already informed you about it, the new Gyllene Tider book is published on 15th November.

As Per promised yesterday, those ”who are interested in this petite Swedish power pop combo, won’t be disappointed”. Well, looking at the high resolution photos Anders Roos (the photographer who followed GT during the whole tour, taking appr. 20,000 pics) shared in the press room at the publishing company’s website, I must say even those won’t be disappointed who are actually not interested in GT, but love seeing beautiful pictures. The book is definitely worth to buy even if you can’t speak Swedish. Check our earlier article for the links with those places where you can order the book.

GT_omslag_131028_rs                         AR_GT_GBG_12_juli165_rs

Final cover (Örnsköldsvik) © Anders Roos                               Hot golden guys in Göteborg (Ullevi) © Anders Roos


Thanx for finding the link to the beauty pics and letting us know, Nina Wolfframm and Celestte Williams!

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Songs on the new Roxette DVD / Blu-ray and live CD

Last week we already informed you about the content of the upcoming Roxette DVD / Blu-ray and Per added his comments on it regarding what the DVD and the Blu-ray really contain.

Now the lists of songs are also published on a Bulgarian website (Radio N-JOY) both for the live part of the DVD and the live CD. The text says the DVD presents a complete live show including 90 minutes of the most inspiring and energetic performances on stage by Roxette, recorded in Curitiba in Brazil, Cordoba in Argentina and Santiago in Chile. They are not mentioning any other countries, so there might not be that much of a mix of the crowd scenes as in the TV cut. Not sure if the stage views are not only from Santiago as it was in the TV cut. At least, it gives us hope that constant cuts in the DVD version are also changed. We’ll see it when the DVD is out on 6th December, 2013.

Roxette – Live ‘Travelling the World’ 
Tracklist  (DVD + Blu-ray)

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. The Big L
4. Silver Blue
5. Stars
6. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
7. Perfect Day
8. Things Will Never Be The Same
9. It Must Have Been Love
10. It’s Possible
11. 7Twenty7
12. Fading Like A Flower
13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
16. Joyride
17. Spending My Time
18. The Look
19. Listen To Your Heart
20. Church Of Your Heart


Live CD
Roxette Live at Caupolican, Santiago, Chile May 5th 2012

1. Dressed For Success
2. Sleeping In My Car
3. The Big L
4. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
5. Perfect Day
6. It Must Have Been Love
7. It’s Possible
8. 7Twenty7
9. Fading Like A Flower
10. Crash Boom Bang!
11. How Do You Do!
12. Dangerous
13. Joyride
14. Spending My Time
15. The Look
16. Listen To Your Heart

Bonus tracks (will be available only digitally)

17. Silver Blue
18. Church of Your Heart


Regarding ”Silver Blue” as a bonus track the article says: ”fans’ favourite song for live performance all around the world, forcing Roxette to add it to the setlist”.

In one of our earlier posts on Facebook we shared a link Roxette Cafe found and there we could see the teaser for the docu and the cover of the docu part. Not sure if it’s still the real deal, as Per posted another pic as how the DVD cover will look like.

flyer-roxette-recto_lo_res                DVD-BLURAY _cover


Update at 14:30 CET, 1st November: this might be the real deal (however, the letters in the title are not put down in a straight line… hm… hm…). Cover pic shared by Orpheus Music in Bulgaria. Looks better than the one Per shared (I guess that one was a draft attached to the documents to get the certificate in Germany), but still not as energetic as the one shared by GAD. That cover pic is expressing more what the World Tour was about.


Photo on the cover is from 24/07/2011, Slottsskogsvallen, Göteborg (Thanx, Roxette Cafe for letting us know.)


Update by Per regarding the cover – the one HE shared earlier:

Yes yes, this is the upcoming Dec 6 release of the DVD/BluRay. Lots of covers are floating around, I’m getting dizzy!

Thanx for finding the source of info and letting us know, Celestte Williams.

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Gyllene Tider’s clear vinyl


As GT informed about it on Facebook and we could see it in our mailboxes, there was a mistake in the factory and ”Singel #2 / Dags att tänka på refrängen” single – which was planned to be a clear vinyl – has been released on standard black vinyl. It will be a rare item it seems.

Bengans informs in their newsletter that the transparent version is out on 6th December. You can contact them if you want a replacement of your black vinyl. They write they would send the clear vinyl as a replacement, not on top. Just contact them that you want to have the clear version, too and let’s see if they can send it the way Ginza does. They confirmed they will send us the clear version automatically, free of charge once it is on stock at them.

Tracklist of the double A-side vinyl single:

A1: Singel #2

A2: Dags att tänka på refrängen
A3: Dags att tänka på refrängen #2



”Singel #2” has 3 verses instead of 2, just like in the demo version and the vinyl is a must if you are a fan of Micke Syd’s voice, since in the first verse of ”Dags att tänka på refrängen #2” Mr Gessle and Micke Syd are singing a duet. Quite an interesting version if you ask me. 😉

Thanx for the info re Bengans newsletter to Nicol Roxette.

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Gyllene Tider’s song in the final

You might remember the first 3 shows of this year’s Alla tiders hits on SVT since there were Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle and Gyllene Tider songs performed by other artists. Panetoz, the guys who presented Gyllene Tider’s ”När vi två blir en” got into the final and performed the song tonight again. Before they went on stage, Micke Syd wished them good luck via a video message. Click here to watch it (he appears at 9:44). This is a screenshot from that video:


Nothing can beat the original, of course, but Panetoz’s interpretation of the song is totally different to the ”När vi två blir en” we know and this makes it a completely new song, both in sound and in the lyrics. The audience liked it a lot and was singing along, as well as dancing together with them, but this time it wasn’t enough to win (winner: Timo Räisänen – Lyckliga gatan/Anna-Lena Löfgren). Click here to watch Panetoz’s performance.

All the videos related anyhow to Miss Effe, PG and GT in Alla tiders hits you can find in our earlier article. Just click HERE.


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Pre-order Marie Fredriksson’s album and get a signed card

bengansAs it is usual in Sweden, the major music stores – in cooperation with Parlophone/Warner Music – offer a signed card by Marie if you pre-order her upcoming album “Nu!”.

Here are the links and shipping information:


Pre-order here:!-2013/445337/

Ginza delivers to all EU countries and Norway. Shipping costs: 99SEK.

Pre-order here:

Bengans delivers worldwide, postage for Nordic countries: 95SEK, rest of the world: 145 SEK.

While you are at it you may also want to order the upcoming book about Gyllene Tider:


At the moment only the Swedish website offers a signed postcard with the order. You may want to contact them to find out if orders from outside Sweden will also come with the signed postcard.

This is only a selection of stores and for information purposes only. Picture taken from Bengans newsletter.



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Roxette – radio documentary

Tara Moshizi and Tove Meyer from Sveriges Radio are doing a radio documentary on Roxette. They already did interviews with Clarence Öfwerman and Anders Herrlin in September and it seems that the interview with Mr G took place today.

The documentary will be broadcasted on P1 and P4 Sveriges Radio – so, of course, it will be in Swedish – during Christmas holidays this December. We will let you know about the exact date once it’s announced.

It’s gonna be a busy December for us, Roxers. 😉


TM_PG_TM_pic_copyright_Tara_Moshizi     CO_TM_AH_pic_copyright_Tara_Moshizi     AH_CO_TM_pic_copyright_Tove_Meyer

Tove M., Per Gessle, Tara M. © Tara M.     Clarence Ö., Tara M., Anders H. © Tara M.    Anders H., Clarence Ö., Tove M. © Tove M.

Update by Per on 26th Oct:

Did a long but interesting interview with Swedish Radio yesterday! It was all about Look Sharp’s 25th Anniversary. Will be broadcast pretty soon on P1 + P4 in Sweden. Look forward to hear the interviews with Clarence + Anders Herrlin! I’m sure they remember totally different things than me….

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Marie Fredriksson’s “Nu!” tracklist

445337 has published the official tracklist of new Marie Fredriksson’s album “Nu!”. In brackets you can find English translations of those titles.

1. Kom vila hos mig (Come, rest with me)
2. Det bästa som nånsin kan hända (The best thing that can ever happen)
3. Det är nu! (It’s now!)
4. Längtan (Longing)
5. Sista sommarens vals (The last summer waltz)
6. Aldrig längre bort än nära (Never farther than close)
7. Bara 3 ord (Only 3 words)
8. Känn dig som hemma (Make yourself at home)
9. Jag undrar vad du tänker på (I’m wondering what you’re thinking of)
10. Stjärna som brinner (The star which burns)
11. I morgon (Tomorrow)
12. Vad vore jag utan dig (What would I do without you)

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Content of the long-awaited Roxette DVD / Blu-ray

FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft = Voluntary Self Regulation of the Movie Industry), a German motion picture rating system organization run by the SPIO (Head Organisation of the Movie Industry) has published the release certificate of Roxette’s new DVD. It’s been approved to be released without age restriction.

According to the certificate, the title of the DVD is ”It All Begins Where It Ends – The Incredible Story Of Roxette”. Running time is 206 min 23 sec.


Table of contents:

Title Running time
It All Begins Where It Ends 61:41
Concert – Part 1 43:33
Concert – Part 2 51:37
Mikael Nogueira* 5:24
So, Christoffer 3:18
Studio 12:03
Travelling 28:47

*Micke N-S’s name is misspelled (Mikael Niguera) in the certificate, so no clue if the titles above are the final ones or just referring to the content of the different parts of the DVD.


Favela is the production company responsible for the documentary and the live part. You might remember our interview with them.

The documentary we saw on SVT last December was appr. 58 min long, so ”It All Begins Where It Ends” part might not be the very same as the TV version. However, this 3-4 min difference doesn’t necessarily mean it’s really different.

Concert 1-2: The live TV cut we saw on SVT in January was also appr. 58 min long and got a mixed critique even from fans. The constant cuts coming too fast after one another thus breaking the flow of the songs and mixing up places and crowd scenes were our main ”problems”. Now the live show is divided into 2 parts, 95 min 10 sec altogether. This means the concert film has been changed in a way and if we take out the talks on stage and the shoutings and clappings in the beginning and at the end of each concert, it really might be a complete show like Per wrote it in April. However, we are still wondering whether the cuts and mixing-ups have also been changed or just the length. Either way, we really hope for a full concert. C’mon, it was once (and still might be) the most important discussion on Earth! 😉

Micke N-S’s part might be a short interview or a backstage video with him or how he is handling Per’s gear and related. Or all these in 5 minutes.

3 minutes of ”So, Christoffer”. Hm. I’m wondering if it will be a megamix of ”So, Christoffer!”-s from different places. 🙂

Studio and Travelling can be a mix of Per’s iPhone videos and Favela’s shootings. We’ll see, but 40 minutes of these parts sounds promising.


Per informed all of us yesterday about the release date, which is 6th December – hopefully this year. 😉 We couldn’t bear any further delay. Now we also know that a live CD with 16 tracks is also included in the pack (not available separately) and 2 extra tracks we get on iTunes, Spotify, etc.



I hope your heart is in perfect condition, Jose. 😉


Update 1 by Per on 24th October:

Looks like the real deal to me. Except that loads and loads of “GessleCam”-goodies are also included on the BluRay-version! No space left on the DVD… /P.


Update 2 by Per on 24th October:

DVD/BluRay UPDATE: Just realised that the info from RoxBlog is not entirely correct. First of all, “So, Christoffer” is about 30 mins long (not 3 mins). The “Extras” that is “GessleCam, part 1-2-3” (So, Christoffer + Studio Work + Travelling) + MNS – The secret life of a guitar tech will only be available on the BluRay. Not on the DVD due to space limitations. /P.


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Official presales of Marie Fredriksson tickets on Coop, Tele2 and Comviq

All international fans got kind of upset when they heard that Marie Fredriksson’s tickets are being sold in presale by Coop, Tele2 and Comviq – exactly the same partners e.g. Gyllene Tider used earlier this year. But don’t worry – though the official sale starts on Monday it doesn’t seem many tickets are bought already.

We have decided to check (but not yet to buy – I have to make up my mind which gigs to go) how the whole process looks like and for which gigs you can choose tickets yourself and for which you can only pick up the category. Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve done. When I write that you cannot choose the exact seat – it means that system randomly picks them up for you – in the most of cases you can only choose category, not the exact place you want to sit.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Marie Fredriksson tour map

In case you are still busy with finding out which concerts to attend on the upcoming Miss Effe tour, you might need a map with all those 19 venues where Marie is going to perform next February, March and April. Just click on the picture below and you’ll get to a Google maps tour plan, which includes the dates, which day of the week it is, name of the venue and the exact address.

I hope this will be helpful. Have a further nice and exciting planning, guys and girls! 😉




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Marie Fredriksson Swedish tour is a fact! [DATES]

So this is finally official! Marie Fredriksson goes on the Swedish tour – the first one in 13 years (or in fact in 14 as it’s 2014 we are talking now). 19 concerts across Sweden – the same number Gyllene Tider did this summer! Tickets will cost from ca SEK 400 for disable people to around SEK 600 in the first category (whatever those categories mean). Most likely all shows will be seated.

This is the band that will be travelling with Marie across Sweden – you can recognize Roxette musicians there!

Mikael Bolyos – keyboard
Pelle Alsing – drums
Christoffer Lundquist – guitar
Surjo Benigh – bas
Jokke Pettersson – guitar

Tickets go on sale on Monday, the 21st of October at 9:00AM CET. You will be able to find them here.

19.2 (Wed) Helsingborg
Helsingborgs Konserthus

21.2 (Fri) Örebro

22.2 (Sat) Norrköping
Louis De Geer

28.2 (Fri) Visby

2.3 (Sun) Kalmar

7.3 (Fri) Malmö
Malmö Konserthus

8.3 (Sat) Växjö
Växjö Konserthus

14.3 (Fri) Jönköping
Jönköpings Konserthus

15.3 (Sat) Gothenburg
Göteborgs Konserthus

19.3 (Wed) Uppsala
Uppsala Konsert och Kongress

21.3 (Fri) Halmstad
Halmstads Teater (changed from Halmstad Arena to this venue on 13th February)

22.3 (Sat) Karlstad
Karlstad CCC

4.4 (Fri) Borås

5.4 (Sat) Linköping
Linköping Konsert & Kongress

8.4 (Tue) Stockholm

11.4 (Fri) Gävle
Gävle Konserthus

12.4 (Sat) Västerås
Västerås Konserthus

18.4 (Fri) Luleå
Kulturens Hus

19.4 (Sat) Umeå
Folkets Hu

Tour trivia: 8 gigs happen on Fridays, 7 concerts on Saturdays, 2 gigs on Wednesdays and only 1 on Tuesday and Sunday. Mondays and Thursdays are officially non-Marie Fredriksson days 🙂

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