World Tour 2012: Halden, Norway – July 14 #121

Comment from Per Gessle

Thanx Halden! Beautiful crowd and lovely loud Norwegian voices!!! We loved it!!!! See y’all next time!!!!

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01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Spending My Time
05. Stars
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be The Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7Twenty7
12. Fading Like a Flower
13. Crash Boom Bang
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (introduced by “The sun always shines on TV”)

17. Listen To Your Heart
18. The Look
19. Church Of Your Heart

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Building of the stage
Queue to the concert by kine_fotografi
Queue to the concert by Lars Askgheim
The crowd in Halden

Three Roxette concerts in Norway in July and August 2012

European dates are very slowly showing up (would be nice to get them at once…soon!). According to the Norwegian newspapers Nytt i Uka and Sunnmørsposten, Roxette will be one of the artists to perform at the Jugendfest festival, which will take place in Ålesund’s Color Line Stadium from 16th to 18th of August 2012. “It’s the biggest band we have booked for the Jugendfest for a long time. They have produced big hits during the past 30 years and a lot of people can really relate to them,” says Ante Giskeødegård, the booking manager at Momentium, the company which organises this festival among others to the free newspaper Nytt i Uka.

Other artists which are also confirmed for this festival are the Swedish band Kent, which recently announced a new album and tour for 2012 as well.

Tickets for the festival are already on sale.

Update a few hours later: It looks like Roxette will also be in Norway in July. According to and a concert is planned on July 14 in Fredriksten Festning in Halden. Tickets go on sale on Friday 16th of December via

Update 15 Dec.: And a third date for Norway: 13th of July in Odderøya Live Festival, Kristiansand.

Thanks Evgeny and Ludo for the tips!