added “Gessle over Europe” added “Gessle over Europe” to its list of all releases with October 23rd as the premiere day. The album costs 12,99EUR and it is going to be an import item.

Suprisingly, “Gessle over Europe” is no 373 in album charts at the moment. After a while GOE went up till #357 and on October 7 till #213, #167. Oops, RB promotion seems to help 😉

UPDATE: Excerpts of every song from “Gessle over Europe” to be found in MP3 section on and on

UPDATE on October 7: “Gessle over Europe” is currently no 4 on “The biggest winners in the music sales in the last 24 hours” on with 357% growth.

UPDATE on October 10: “Gessle over Europe” LP was added on, costs 24,48 euro and the release date is October 28.

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  1. hm, I don’t know why, the background on my comment header is blue.. ? :S
    do you see your comment headers in blue and the others in brown?

  2. I ordered two days ago from Bengans (always from Bengas ’cause i’m in ARGentina)…. the price was Ok but the delivery is really expensive nowadays… don’t now why…

  3. @Jud it seems every second comment is blue and the rest are brown

    @emilio is expensive if we talk about the postage costs. I’ve payed over 150 SEK though I live so near to Sweden. How much was it for Argentina?

  4. When I ordered the CD at Amazon on Sunday the price was 14,99€. After reading this now I canceled my old order and made a new one 😀

  5. @Tomos85 15USD a little bit over 100SEK for the freight cost, almost the same amount of money as the album…

  6. Price changed – again. It’s 19,99 Euro if you order at Amazon now. Haha, it seems they finally realized that it’s a CD/DVD and not a double CD

  7. ha! they really are tricky at Amazon! I now got an email from them informing about the delay, that they are sorry about that etc etc (such a standard email) and if I want to cancel the order! 😉
    erh.. nope 😉

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