NOTP Countdown: Marie & Per on the first rehearsal

According to Maurice from

Marie seems to feel more comfortable when she can sing “in force” (“The Look”, “Joyride”). As a solist on the ballads, she seems a little timide.

Maurice thinks that with the support of the fans she will feel more at ease. Per was impeccable, even if he didn’t go to the bottom. He also notes that for the interventions of Roxette, the Electric Band is replaced by the Rox band.

Thanks to Project_Z.

23 thoughts on “NOTP Countdown: Marie & Per on the first rehearsal”

  1. That is what I’m always thinking about now…. We should support our Marie. We should do something special for her. I believe she does need it now more that she did before. What do you think? Any ideas?

  2. yes Marie deserves all our support 🙂

    So guys and gals.. on the first show.. SHOUT out loud for her 🙂
    You should think of a big poster or bunch of flowers or something to show her YOU are there for HER 🙂

  3. yeah… It’s really cool if you are in the fan zone 🙂 But I’m not sure I’ll be able to give her flowers or anything form the middle of the stadium 🙁 It makes me sad…

  4. Well… Only simple but clear words come to my mind:
    Marie! We adore you 🙂
    Any banner will be great. The more banners the better! 🙂
    Please people form fan-zone! Support Marie as you can..

  5. I have a seating ticket but I wanted to make a banner anyway…so yeah – Marie! We adore you! – is fine. More ideas?

  6. Marie – you rock!

    Is nice, too. I still try to think of something that makes her feel brave and strong and that she knows we love her – besides “we love you” or “you rock”. But in this case I think I want too much…

  7. Well…
    Marie! You are a miracle!
    Marie! You are gorgeous!
    Marie! You are an angel!
    Marie! You are the sun!
    Just imagine she’s next you and you’ll find your words 🙂

  8. Just watched latest 3 videos (12-14). Last one is Listen To Your Heart with orchestra and Marie sings really excellent in it, so clear and so emotional. She’s still in perfect form, it was fantastic performance. This tour will be smash, honour of their carrier, I have no doubt about it, their supreme live act ever for sure. Miracle has come true – legend is back and in great condition. You can see that they are enjoing this reunion so much, all the band. Can’t wait to listen great Per’s new songs and Marie’s excellent voice. I believe that forthcoming album will be very very special. 🙂

  9. Yes, forthcoming album. I do believe that all these demos made in last few weeks/months will lead us to the brand new Roxette album eventually.

  10. And what about one official fan banner, something like “A miracle comes true – thank you Roxette! Your fans.” and put this one unnified banner to all Roxette fan pages, RoxetteBlog, DailyRoxette,, Run2Roxette, RoxettePlannet, LittleMarie, RoxRoom, Roxette fan pages on Facebook etc. Something like one big thank from all the fans around the world. One simply recognizable and easy-to-remember banner overwhelming all over the internet…

  11. Thanks Project_Z! It’s just pretty hard to make a proper translation only via google-transl… Anyone?

  12. Didn’t hear the interview very good at work, but same questions, same answers…

    Blogtime :

    Proms-boss Jan Vereecke was very impressed yesterday by the fast metamorphose of Marie : at the first rehearsal still a bit timide, but later very strong, also vocal, he has the best hopes for tomorrow (today)

    Choirmember Maurice also saw a assured Marie who had found the right voice for NotP…

  13. @ tomos85: no, I didn’t know anything about it before it started, and I’m at work so I couldn’t hear it properly…

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