NOTP tour: Rotterdam, November 21, #19

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Time out between sets in Rotterdam. Great great crowd tonite!!! Watching DVD: John & Yoko on Dick Cavett Show. Brilliiant stuff.

Splendid show in Rdam, you twitters! I felt very comfy in Chris’ hat!!! Beautiful crowd – hey it’s Saturday, nuthin more to ask for! G’nite.

Official videos:

Playlist for over 12 (!) new videos incl. sweet Mrs Fredriksson starting here!

Fans stories:

YouTube clips:

1: Wish I Could Fly | The Look | Joyride | Listen To Your Heart
2: WICF | TL | IMHBL | J
4: Compilation

Media reports/reviews:

Two clips (The look & Joyride) were broadcasted on Dutch TV Nederland 2.

21 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Rotterdam, November 21, #19”

  1. I’m starting to sound repetitious ion my posts…but it doesn’t cease to amaze me how the energy in each performance just gets better and better. Most solid performance of WICF yet, TL and Joyride are rockin, and dig the incredible ending of LTYH!

    I’m so grateful for everybody posting these vids – next best thing to being there every night 🙂

  2. I guess I was getting worried for nothing (during those last two Antwerpen shows) when I said I hoped there would be more videos!

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