NOTP tour: Stuttgart, December 3, #28

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Wunderbar Stuttgart show last night. Marie was tip-top! Played this big venue many times before, always a great crowd. 3 x Frankfurt now.

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Already the fact that I’d really see Roxette on stage was unbelievable! I became a fan pretty late and so I had never seen them on stage so far. And some months ago I would have never counted on still having this chance once in my life and now one of my biggest dreams should really come true. So you can imagine how nervous I was the days before the concert and of course also on December 3rd.

I almost couldn’t wait for the evening! After many hours of waiting the before evening finally arrived. With some presents for the best singer under this sun, Marie Fredriksson, I went to the Schleyerhalle. There I met some other fans I talked to until the show started. I was very excited when the Night of the Proms finally begun! It was pretty hard to concentrate on the acts before Roxette. Everything in my head was saying: “ROXETTE; ROXETTE; ROXETTE!!!”.

Then the orchestra played the “Midsommarvaka” and I thought it would be nice if Roxette appeared after a Swedish piece of music. And surprisingly the “Midsommarvaka” really turned into “Wish I Could Fly”. With the orchestra the song sounded like a hymn and to this hymn Marie was coming out of the ground. This moment was so magical! The only thing which was on my mind in this moment was that Marie looked like an angel on her chair and that therefore she should better come from heaven than out of the ground! 😛 Suddenly I realized that people were running to the stage (I saw such a movement for the first time on that evening and realized a bit too late what was going on down there) and so I took my camera and did the same. I thought I’d die when I was walking to this hymn to the stage. Surprisingly I was still alive when I arrived near the stage 😀 And so I could finally enjoy Roxette on stage – for the first time in my life! I was so fascinated by everything and particularly by Marie’s great voice… wow! But as always the nicest moments are over too soon again and like this it was with “Wish I Could Fly” too. After the song Roxette received the evening’s warmest applause. Marie said: “Thank you very much!” and Per said that it was great to be there and that they’d be back after the break.

And how they were back…! The second time they came on stage, they really rocked the hall! Although Per didn’t feel good, he gave his best and did a great job. And Marie was in a top shape anyway. It almost felt a bit as if she said to herself that she needed to give 200 % now when Per probably couldn’t give completely 100 %. Well… I don’t know… maybe I’m also wrong (I’m not experienced in seeing Marie live :P)… she’s great anyway. In any case I liked their performance a lot! And I didn’t seem to be the only one who felt like this. People sang along to their hits and some fans shouted: “We love you, Marie!”, whereupon she had to laugh so much. When Roxette were leaving the stage again, some people wanted them to play another song and shouted: “Encore, encore, encore!”. But of course they didn’t gave an encore. I could imagine that Per was happy that he “survived” the songs they had to sing. Because right after “Listen To Your Heart” he went back to the hotel and Marie and the band took the flowers on their owns.

Then Marie walked a bit around on stage as if she was looking for somebody to give her flowers to in the crowd. The fans who shouted “We love you, Marie!” thought that she was probably looking for them to give them her flowers. But unfortunately they were no longer standing there. Then the musicians left the stage and we left the Schleyerhalle.

After the concert we tried to meet Marie and the band at the car park where their tourbus was standing. Unfortunately the security didn’t let us go closer to the bus, so we had to wait at the entry of the car park. Suddenly we spotted Clarence and Pelle in front of their tourbus and after the fans had screamed and waved they came to us for a few minutes and signed things and took photos with us. Then they were asked whether it was also possible to meet Marie quickly, but they said they didn’t think so. So I gave my presents for Marie to Pelle to give them to Marie. I would have preferred to give them personally to Marie, but at least I didn’t have to carry them home again and she (hopefully) got them. So I’ll keep on dreaming about a meeting with Marie once in my life!

Anyway it was such a great evening I’ll surely never forget! THANK YOU SO MUCH ROXETTE!!! Love you guys!

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