Merry Christmas from Roxette

Per and Marie have posted following message on their official website:

Toodiloo all Roxers!

2009 turned out to be a killer year after all!

Per’s small but heartwarming Party Crasher Tour around Europe in the spring was followed by the huge and glorious Rox comeback at the Night of the Proms.

Thanks everyone for your support (appreciated!) and for those loud voices in the front row (interesting!).

Also, we started recording a new Rox-album on the road. So far so good but there are, of course, lots more to be done. And for next year we have even more mighty plans. Will let you know what’s goin’ on in Roxville before long. But for now we wish y’all a great xmas och a extraordinarily swell new year. See ya around the corner.

Cheers from Marie & Per.

And recorded following video for all of you:

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  1. Merry X-mas everyone ! You guys at roxetteblog have done a terrific job covering all the nice happenings in the ROX world ! And thanks Per, Marie and co. for a splendid 2009 ! See ya in the next tour !

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