Per Gessle: “I think there will be more Roxette tours in the future”

I have not listened to the X-mas interview with Per Gessle from P4 Halland yet, but from this what I read it seems the Man promised that there are going to be more tours from Roxette in the nearest future. 25th celebration in 2011 is not the bad idea, what do you think? 🙂

More at P4 Halland. A short translation will come up a little bit later, when I will be at home.

Edit: There is a possibility to listen to the whole interview here (about 5-6 minutes into this broadcast).

Update, December 29: The Daily Roxette offers a summary.

25 thoughts on “Per Gessle: “I think there will be more Roxette tours in the future””

  1. Just a guess..I don’t know. 2011 would great, too, of course. I take what we get. I am so proud of Marie and happy for Per and.. you know…everything is perfect right now.

  2. Can I predict now I am so going to get kicked out of university for jumping ship and chasing Roxette around Europe… I can see it coming! How can I study when Roxette are touring, it’s a near impossibilty… :p (Alison x)

  3. I think we’ll have many surprises 🙂 2011-ROX25 an I believe in a big tour like GT25 and then there will be a new album next year … Can’t wait… i must work so hard this year…

  4. Does Per talk about tours or performances? Because in the TDR x-mas greetings, beside the new album he writes “And for next year we have even more mighty plans.” Some gigs already in 2010? 😀

  5. Well, the idea of releasing the new album in September (then the single should have been released somewhere in the summer) and then going on tour in November doesn’t sound really bad, so I suppose it’s possible. But we shall wait and see what will really happen.

    I would really love to see Roxette on the stage again rather than watching some playback performances on German TV. So maybe it’s time to release the new album and go stright on the tour? That is what I would call a cool promotion 🙂

  6. Hmm, I think it’s hard to do wide-spread promotion through a tour, but we’ll see. For me the new music is the most important thing right now. I don’t wanna see rox as a retro band, only performing classics yet, too hungry for new stuff! Showcases like in 2001 could be the perfect format to combine both worlds: 1 hour, no expensive stage-setting, tv/web broadcasting… 😀

  7. Summary on TDR!

    “We’re in the studio until midsummer for starters. Then possibly rehearsals if we’re to do concerts.”

    “Next year there will be nothing but Roxette.”


  8. Haha, I understand SOME things but not everything. That makes it hard for me.

    As far as I understand he says that the recordings in 2006 didn’t feel that GOOD and that it is something completely different now. That the recordings during the tour felt great and that Marie changed a lot again..

    He says that he didn’t expect such a response on the NOTP, especially in Germany.

    He says that Marie is more involved in the recordings now, she is more interested in it than she was in 2001 with Room Service.. well, don’t know if I got that right..he says she is more “into” it.

  9. He says that there was a time when he didn’t think that they will ever work together again because Marie felt so bad.

  10. It will be very interesting, to return to read these interviews about how new album is rising and how it sounds, during listening finished new album.

    Didn’t listen “Look Sharp!” for years, but these last news has forced me to play it again. Almost forgot that last 3 songs on the album are really excellent.

    To say truth, hope there will be also some Joyride arrangies/production on new album, cos this album is has real Roxtte sound to me. 😉

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