No more Roxette concerts in 2010?

This is what we found on Roxette Attack website:

According to Thomas Johansson from Live Nation, there are no plans to include South America on Roxette concert schedule. Marie Dimberg from D&D Management claims there will not be any Roxette tour in 2010, only 5 concerts arranged on some Summer Festivals in Scandinavia and Russia.

Source: RoxetteAttack

4 thoughts on “No more Roxette concerts in 2010?”

  1. So it looks like a small warm-up tour on save ground. A bigger tour makes more sense after album release anyway, right? 😉

  2. I read something the other day and I agree with it. Won’t tell you where I read it and who wrote it, though. 😉 Harsh words, but in the end, thinking about the facts of the shows, this might be another reason why they do it:

    “If we break it down, what we have is
    2 festival dates – short sets, easy commitment, not far from Sweden.
    1 date in Sweden (discounting the wedding) – Per is a car nut, and was probably going to go there anywhere (to race?), so it’s hardly skin off his nose to go, schmooze, race, play and be paid for it!
    2 dates in Russia – in the nicest way possible, most people who go to Russia get paid handsomely to do so. Somebody has to want them there to get them to play.”

  3. Sure, but you could find similar reasons for many other places as well. This is just another step before they risk a “real” tour on their own.

  4. On TDR we can also read D&D said no more concerts for this year.
    And I remember I read on Per’s twitter that a world tour would be probably in their plans after the album release! So that’s why (in my opinion) Live Nation didn’t want to arrange any far concert this year.
    Let’s keep fingers crossed for 2011!
    The funny thing from today was: the music company from Brazil called me again asking if they are really sure about no concerts this year.
    So I’m sure coutries around the world are just waiting for the words: WORLD TOUR! (even without NEW ALBUM words as I could see today. The manager said, they are great anyway, with or without new album!!!)
    I’m really happy and proud of the big success of my favorite band! Rox On!

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