“Roxette Comeback 2010” t-shirts

If you have no idea what you should put on yourself on the forthcoming Roxette concerts, we have a good tip for you: make your own t-shirt with a little help of Dany Etchart’s creative ideas. She has created the series of “Roxette Comeback 2010” flag t-shirts with the well-known Roxette picture taken at Cirkus in Stockholm by Rikard Eriksson on May 10th 2009.

So, if you feel inspired by that, just buy a black or red t-shirt and use one of these pictures.

More countries at En händig blog. If your country is not on the list, feel free and post a comment.

10 thoughts on ““Roxette Comeback 2010” t-shirts”

  1. Dany, what can I say… your an absolute star! I tend to always design a T-shirt for the tours but have not had time this year with college and with two weeks or so to go time is running out… you are wonderful! I shall arrange to have the UK one put on black t-shirt or two! 🙂

  2. Oh yes, how time flies! And yes, I’m going to use Poland-tee for the Halmstad gig 🙂

  3. I know, I wouldn’t make it at the concert, but I love the design so much, so if you have time can u design something with Indonesian flag? 😉

  4. Tack dear friends! The idea was planned together with RXB on march 2010 via twitter and twitterpic if you remember…!
    Happy to know my ideas are still pumping at rox world!
    Let’s rock sweden with many countries printed on t-shirts! ROX ON and… Have fun, be fan!

    Indonesian flag on the way ;D

  5. Hej Danyela, thank you for all your work on these flag-shirts!
    I’ve made mine with a german flag on it yesterday and I’ll wear it in Halmstad on august 14th!!! 🙂

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