New interview in British newspaper

British newspaper “Metro” joins the UK “Charm School” promotion and published an interview with Per Gessle yesterday. Nothing new is been told, besides maybe:

What’s the worst gig you’ve done?
I did a gig with the band I was in before Roxette at a festival in northern Sweden. It turned out the act on stage before us was a stripper.

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9 thoughts on “New interview in British newspaper”

  1. If I had been sat on a bus reading this, this morning I would probably have choked on my coffee and died from shock! The Metro is a freebie morning paper published in the UK for people to pick up on train stations and buses – I suppose rather like the Metro in Sweden!

    Since I will not be on a bus until this evening I am off to the bus stop to stop the next bus and hopefully grab a few… I’ll get you a nice picture of it later if you like!

  2. The link doesn’t work! And I thought the album was to be released March 28? With the deluxe edition following on April 4…?

  3. Link above led to 404 and it looks like this: the%20band%20I%20was%20in%20before %20Roxette%20at%20a%20festival%20in%20northern%20Sweden.%20It%20 turned%20out %20the%20act%20on%20stage%20before %20us%20was%20a%20stripper.%20%20Read%20 more:%20

  4. Links should work now. And the wrong release date wasn’t meant to be there. I accidentally copied it.

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