Limited CD and DVD package edition to be released in South Africa

Published on March 15, 2011:

According to MediaUpdate, EMI Music South Africa is going to release a Roxette CD and DVD package to celebrate the band’s upcoming concerts in Cape Town and Sun City.

This exclusive package will be released on April 11 and will only be available until end of September. This “Best of Roxette CD and DVD” limited edition will contain the duo’s greatest hits such as “Dressed For Success”, “The Look” or “Joyride”. In total 20 hits will be included in the CD and 37 videos in the DVD.

Originally Roxette was going to play 1 concert in Cape Town and 1 in Sun City, but due to the huge demand, 2 more dates were added per city. 4 out of 6 concerts are sold out already.

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Update April 15th:

Here is the cover and the set list of the pack. All in all, the package comes with 20 songs and 37 videos.

Thanks Fabio!!


01. One Wish
02. The Look
03. Dressed For Success
04. Listen To Your Heart
05. Dangerous
06. It Must Have Been Love
07. Joyride
08. Fading Like A Flower
09. Spending My Time
10. How Do You Do!
11. Almost Unreal
12. Sleeping In My Car
13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
14. Run To You
15. Wish I Could Fly
16. Stars
17. The Centre Of The Heart
18. Milk And Toast And Honey
19. A Thing About You
20. Reveal


01. A Thing About You
02. It Must Have Been Love
03. Listen To Your Heart
04. Fading Like A Flower
05. Spending My Time
06. Queen Of Rain
07. Almost Unreal
08. Crash! Boom! Bang!
09. Vulnerable
10. You Don’t Understand Me
11. Wish I Could Fly
12. Anyone
13. Salvation
14. Milk And Toast And Honey
15. Opportunity Nox
16. The Look
17. Dressed For Success
18. Dangerous
19. Joyride
20. The Big L
21. Church Of Your Heart
22. How Do You Do!
23. Sleeping In My Car
24. Run To You
25. June Afternoon
26. Stars
27. The Centre Of The Heart
28. Real Sugar
29. Neverending Love
30. Soul Deep
31. I Call Your Name
32. Chances
33. Do You Get Excited?
34. Fingertips ’93
35. Fireworks
36. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
37. Un Dia Sin Ti

16 thoughts on “Limited CD and DVD package edition to be released in South Africa”

  1. Looking forward to this! 🙂
    Nice to see EMI is at least doing something here for Roxette! Now if they could just decently START promoting so that all 6 concerts will be sold out soon!

  2. Sounds like a mix of the HITS compilation (20 tracks) with the video-DVD of the RoxBox (had 37 videos), both were released 2006 with the same artwork (DVD-menu).
    Perhaps they’s change some tracks (Reveal SGNO) or they’ll just use the old ones – I guess for a limited 5-month release in just one country they won’t put too much effort in it.
    Of course it’s a nice goodie anyway for the south african fans and possibly they’ll surprise with something complety ‘new’, but I don’t think so. 😉

  3. @ Dennis thanks for your “positive energy” you just make the day so much brighter….everyone knows this is just a promo from EMI to remind SA fans again who Roxette is as the last time they were here live was 1995 + the scheduled concerts for 2001 was canceled due to the 9/11 drama….so hell if we don’t get anything new that’s also ok at least the name Roxette will feature in our music stores again!

  4. Haha – I agree with Dennis and I agree with Heidi. I also think they are going to release the 2006 compilation with the RoxBox dvd – but it will STILL be a collector’s item!! Worth lots of money in the near future. Unique to South Africa once again.

    • 1-14 ballads
      15-23 power pop
      24 ballad
      25-32 power pop
      33 ballad
      34-36 power pop
      37 ballad

      Nah, it makes no sense.

    • The tracklist was ‘created’ for the “Ballad & Pop Hits DVD” (released in 2003), the ‘logic’ behind it is/was the following:

      1.-14.: Track 1-14 from “The Ballad Hits”
      15.-28.: Track 1-14 from “The Pop Hits”
      29.-37.: Are so called “Extras” consisting of songs/videos which weren’t part of TBH or TPH, they were just ordered chronologically from 1986 (NL) to 1996 (UDST).

      The Ballad & Pop Hits DVD additionally includes two documentaries.

  5. Aaahha! Now we know Mr Gessle buys his own albums, maybe he’s the reason for all those gold records lol – yes I am joking!

  6. It’s the 2006 “Hits” plus the old DVD from 2003, since the two documentaries are also included. It’s even more clear in this listing:

    Good for the South African average listener, but I don’t think it’s a worth release if you already have the same songs in multiple releases. I’m not interested in getting it. Let’s see what’s the supposed *new* compilation for the American market, but I don’t expect any surprises there either.

  7. I don’t think this was intended for the REAL ROXETTE FAN. In my opinion, this promo is for people who listened to Roxette 80’s & 90’s; liked the band and then when it came to a halt in early 2000 lost interest. So in other words a reminder of who these legends are. Clever promo from EMI though.

  8. I’d replace One Wish and Reveal with more classic songs, by the way. It could be Church of Your Hear and You Don’t Understand Me (or Anyone) 🙂

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