Roxette will be on tour until August 2012; 50 concerts done, 80 to go!

Per Gessle reveals in an interview with Hallands Posten that “after Göteborg [concert #50], we still have 80 concerts to go”. The tour will go on until August 2012.  “As soon as we leave a city, the tour promoter wants to book us again, which is the best feedback one can get”, tells Per to Jan-Owe Wikström.

Per also comments on the success of “Radio” on the radio, “we’ve never been played on the radio as much as nowadays.” And it is specially thanks to Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe, “where we are very successful.”

Per also says that he thinks Marie is in a great shape. “Last week in Locarno was the best I’ve seen of her since, right, the 90ies”, says Per.

As we know, the band is working on a new album, “2rism”. They have already recorded 5 songs and have booked more studios around the world.

“Charm School” has sold half a million copies, which indeed is great nowadays.

Some thoughts about the tour dates.

  1. So far they have done 50 concerts.
  2. Per says they still have 80 to go, and until August 2012.
  3. Of these 80, we know already 23 of the dates (July until December 2011).
  4. This means there are 57 (if the 80 is a fix number and not just estimation) dates still unknown.
  5. Conclusion: save the whole 2012 for more! 🙂

Thank you Thomas from Sweden for the link!

4 thoughts on “Roxette will be on tour until August 2012; 50 concerts done, 80 to go!”

  1. There are 57 dates to go… Very good!
    And Belo Horizonte will be one of them so there are 56, right? 😛

  2. There is a promoter that wants Roxette to be part of the “Viña Del Mar International Song Festival” that is held annually during February in Viña del Mar, Chile. The owner also created a Facebook page to capture the attention of the organizers, that was just a few weeks after the Santiago concert. But nothing confirmed since then…


    The company who wants to bring Roxette back to Chile:

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