5 thoughts on “Fake account of Helena Josefsson on FB”

  1. I hope Roxette Official will repost this. There are too many fakes lately and it happened almost the same time. I suggest the fans to report the fakes, the more often we report them, the more likely Facebook will delete these impostor. I feel bad because some fans actually believe these are the real ones.

  2. Interesting that this paticular name Elle Bolyos is always linked to ALL these fake accounts for Per Gessle, Marie Fredriksson, Josefin Bolyos, Helena Josefsson and many more Roxette related FB accounts. This person needs to be reported as it is not even entertaining anymore it is just annoying.

  3. You can report it.

    “How do I report a fake account? If you come across an account that violates Facebook’s Terms:
    1.Go to the profile (timeline).
    2.Click the and then select Report/Block
    3.Choose a reason for your report (ex: This profile (timeline) is pretending to be someone or is fake)
    4.Choose a report type, if prompted
    5.Click Continue to submit your report”

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