Roxette is #2 on Billboard Boxscore chart

It’s the second time that Roxette enters Billboard Boxscore chart that shows the concert with the biggest gross sales. As not every concert is reported to Billboard, we get those pieces of information randomly. This time Live Nation decided to go out with two Brisbane concerts. It gave Roxette #2 position in the chart.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Brisbane, Australia
Feb. 14-24, 2012
Gross Sales: $1,621,670
Attend: 16,625
Prices: $117.92, $96.50

3 thoughts on “Roxette is #2 on Billboard Boxscore chart”

  1. HA! Awesome. They even beat Elton John. That’s 1.6 mill those other promoters who turned them down wont be getting. Multiply that by those other Aussie shows and oh dear, who’s red faced now! Who’s out of touch and past it now then huh!?

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