5 thoughts on “Roxette interview at Peace & Love”

  1. Hi all anyone out there that could please translate this interview for us non-Swedish Roxers?
    Marie looks very happy and relaxed here. She is probably laughing about Per’s funny things he always says in interviews.

  2. Hi!
    I will try to put down some thing I think I understood, maybe not in the order they’re talking.

    They were asked to define their music, and Per said they were both influenced by the music in the 60s and that this is reflected in their own songwriting. Whhen asked what they wrote songs about, Per said it was all aboutt Marie’s lovelife!!! And she said it was basically about life, given that they have lived through so much pleasure and pain.

    Another question was about being tired of touring and they said that only waiting in airports and weird hotelrooms (and maybe weird drummers? did I get this one right) are tiring, but not playing in front of the crowd.

    The they were asked why Dalarna (if I understood… which is a region in Sweden), and they answered that it’s because they were called from there and they came.

    That’s what I remember! Correct me if anything’s wrong

  3. The funniest thing here is the interviewer’s voice. It’s even annoying. Who was she, a dwarf? LOL!

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