World Tour 2012: Gdansk/Sopot Audio Bootleg


So far we have got several audio bootlegs from this year’s leg of the mighty Roxette tour – including Adelaide, Melbourne, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Birmingham, Dublin and San Francisco. But with this new release it’s a little bit different thing. First of all – for the first time you get one concert recorded by three people from three different perspectives (sitting, in the crowd and outside of it). We weren’t able to pick up the one that represents the finest quality so we have decided to go out with all three recordings done by Slawek (known from his great work for Gessle Over Poland and Warsaw 2011 DVDs), Damian (who is passionate with recording various gigs on video) and Nikodem. Blanka is once again behind the cover and booklet for this release. Secondly – our audio bootlegs are always previews of video releases that will surely pop up somewhere in the next year. Thirdly – as we earn nothing, we share it for free.

This concert was unique for several of reasons – it was the only Roxette concert as far as I recall that took place in two cities at the same time – Ergo Arena is placed on the exact boarder of Gdansk and Sopot. Additionally Polish crowd didn’t understand “Spending my time” sing-a-long part, but they did their job excellently during “It must have been love” and the first verse of “Listen to your heart”.

If you want to see some pictures and clips from that particular gig, go to this topic.

And here’s the most important part – download links:

All three bootlegs in one file to download here (expires on January 5, so hurry up!)
Damian part – WeTransfer (expires on Jan 5) or SendSpace
Slawek part – WeTransfer (expires on Jan 5) or SendSpace
Nikodem part – WeTransfer (expires on Jan 5) or SendSpace

ARTWORK (cover, back, label) – WeTransfer or Sendspace