Gessle over Europe – live LP order

The Live LP order:

Gessle over Europe – LP

1. Dressed for success (Cologne)
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her (Cologne)
3. Stupid (London)
4. The Party Pleaser (Stockholm 1)
5. Wish I could fly (London)
6. She doesn’t live here anymore (Copenhagen)

7. 7twenty7 (Amsterdam)
8. I have a party in my head (Amsterdam)
9. Late, later on (Amsterdam)
10. Listen to your heart (Cologne)
11. Do you wanna be my baby? (Copenhagen)
12. Opportunity nox (London)

13. Doesn’t make sense (Cologne)
14. Church of your heart (Stockholm 2)
15. Dangerous (Stockholm 1)
16. Joyride (Stockholm 2)
17. C’mon (Warsaw)
18. Are you an old hippie, sir? (Warsaw)

19. The Look (Halmstad)
20. It must have been love (Cologne)
21. Hey Mr DJ (Amsterdam)
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone (Munich)
23. Sleeping in my car (Amsterdam)
24. Queen of rain (Cologne)

6 tracks from Cologne
5 tracks from Amsterdam
3 tracks from London
2 tracks from Warsaw
2 tracks from Copenhagen
2 tracks from Stockholm 1
2 tracks from Stockholm 2
1 track from Munich
1 track from Halmstad

In bold: these songs will be missing on the CD version

So now we know that there won’t be any Roxette live songs on this album and it’s very probable that three songs from London show will be the same as these from Sirius programme. The same will probably happen with Stockholm 1 which will be on DVD.


Live album title revealed

The forthcoming release from European Party Crasher Tour will be called “Gessle over Europe” and it will include live CD plus Stockholm gig on DVD, videos and documentaries as bonus. The double vinyl album will have 3 or 4 extra tracks compared to the CD due to technical reasons. CD/DVD will be released in the end of the summer and the LP edition somewhere in September.

Thanks to tevensso (@ TDR) we also got to know that “Dressed for success” will be from Cologne gig. This means that the city order given by Per (Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm#2, Warsaw, Halmstad, Munich) wasn’t accidental at all.

Canadian artists Luke Jackson records at Aerosol with Christoffer and Magnus

For those who like Christoffer and Magnus’ work: Canadian artist Luke Jackson informed us he recorded his most recent album “… And Then Some” at Aerosol Grey Machine with Christoffer and Magnus. The album was released last year. You can read about how they became friends and how they came up with idea of recording the album at AGM on Luke’s MySpace profile.

This week he is promoting his new animated video for the song Goodbye London which you can find on YouTube.

Luke also informs he was at “Per’s London show last month incidentally, and it was magic”.

He also tells us “My music might be too far removed from Roxette to warrant a posting on your page, since I’ve never actually played with Per, but I wanted to keep you in the loop!” Well, we know there are some Chris and Magnus fans out there, so this might indeed be of their interest. And who knows, you might discover a new favourite artist.

Zpargo – Bara en på tusen

Zpargo - Bara en på tusenMikael Bolyos did it again. He shared a new-old song in which he was involved both as a songwriter and as a keyboard player. “Bara en på tusen” (Only one in a thousand) was recorded by Swedish trio called Zpargo (Mikael Bolyos, Göran Rydh and Lasse Johnsson). They released just two singles “Du finns i mig”/”Ge mig en chans” in 1984 and “Bara en på tusen”/ “Känner du” in 1985.


Bara en på tusen

I fantasin finns inga svara år
Jag lever lyckligt både höst och vår
Men här gör det ont att vara kär

Det som för mig kan vara genialt
Uppfattar du ibland som helt banalt, bisarr
Gör ont att vara kär

Bara en på tusen
Tänder kärleken som jag bär
Du är den på tusen
Och det gör ont att vara kär

Kan kanske kasta ur mig stora ord
Desperation orsakar fel mord, oh nej
Ditt liv är till för mig
Du dominerar helt mig, känns så stark
Trotts att du kan va’ både hård och kall mot mig
Mitt liv är till för dig

Bara en på tusen
Tänder kärleken som jag bär
Du är den på tusen
Som jag vill älska, älska, älska
Bara är en på tusen
Trotts alla timmarna i misär
Du är den på tusen
Och det gör ont att vara kär

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy (Ivanycz @ R2R) for uploading the song and Gyllene_Tjej for writing down the lyrics.o

Budapest 1992 bootleg

Roxette - Live in Budapest, 1992. On July 8, 1992 Roxette played one concert on theirs Summer Joyride ’92 European Tour on Ice Stadium in Budapest, Hungary. This gig was recorded by a preson who was sitting in the audiance. Now, thanks to Hungarian fans at, we are able to download the whole bootleg show.

Try to download just one file in a time or add the download links to a download manager (such as FlashGet or any other of your preference).

Fading like a flower
Church of your heart
Sleeping single
Spending my time
The heart shaped sea
Knockin’ on every door
The big L.
Things will never be the same again
It must have been love
Dressed for success
The Look
How do you do
(Do you get) Excited?
Perfect day
Listen to your heart

Thanks to bianca and sweepi (@ R2R forum) for informations.

Marie at Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Artist Fund Gala in Stadshuset

Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos attended on a June 18 gala at Stadshuset where Crown Princess Victoria was handing out this year’s prizes from the Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Artist Fund. Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA was also among the other guests.

It is not confirmed if Marie performed there or not.


Source:, Expressen,,

Mikael Bolyos’ Never again

Mikael Bolyos Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy (Ivanycz @ R2R) we are able to listen to a quite old Mikael Bolyos’ song. It was “sweet 1983”, Jonas Isacsson on guitar, Erik Häusler on saxophone and Mikael Bolyos on keyboards, programming & vocal. The song is called “Aldrig mer” which means “Never again”.


If you know anything more about this song e.g. if it was released and where, feel free and inform us.

Aldrig mer

Aldrig mer, aldrig mer ska jag va’ med en annan kvinna
Aldrig mer, aldrig mer ska jag överge dig
Aldrig mer, aldrig mer ska du ur mitt liv få försvinna
Aldrig mer, aldrig mer

Jag och du skönast, det gräset är grönast och himlen blå
Man kan ju tycka att det låter som lycka och väl kom
När alla tycker förseende tekniken bedrar min sinne
Blir de skivor min tidsfördrivor
Jag svär att alltid va dig trogen

Aldrig mer, aldrig mer…

Ville ju leva som Adam och Eva i paradis
Ha varann och älska oss fram vi var oskuld
Men om du känner att kärleken vänder och går sin vik
Kom då till mig jag tröstar dig och svär
att alltid va’ dig trogen

Om du tror de ska fånga mig, kan du spara dina tvivel
För jag vet att jag älskar dig och vill alltid vara nära dig

Aldrig mer, aldrig mer…

Thanks to Gyllene Tjej for writing down the lyrics and, of course, thanks to Mikael B. for music.

Work in progress

According to Sydsvenskan’s article and web report, Christoffer Lundqvist, the man behind Per Gessle’s latest albums, is currently working on a new cd with Mulle kindergarten’s children’s choir from Lund in Scania. All lyrics were written by children themselves and the album will be released just before Christmas. All profits will be transferred to help “Sponsor a child” organisation in Peru.

On the other hand, Per has informed us today that Christoffer is busy mixing the live double LP and the DVD (Live from Stockholm). It will be two different things, so most likely there will not be any song from May 9th on the live album.

Thanks to Lionel for information.