Gessle & Ulvaeus invested wrong – again.

Per Gessle and Björn Ulvaues invested money in an enterprise launched by entrepreneur, author and leading light of the Swedish Humanists Christer Sturmark, though they lost by one of his projects before. Now they have left music company Noteheads. It became a fiasco, Dagens Industri reveals.

Noteheads Musical Expert is IT-entrepreneur Christer Sturmark’s latest project. He with Björn Ulvaeus and Per Gessle’s help wanted to sell software which could have been used in music composing. The last year’s profits were very low – just 8,327 SEK. Seven years after the start, from over 700,000 SEK invested, there are only around 50,000 SEK left.

Previous partners decided to go their own ways. Björn Ulvaeus and Per Gessle refused to sign-off the most recent company’s annual report, even though they were members of Noteheads’ board of directors throughout the last year. Only Sturmark, the last board member, signed under. The two world popstars left the company in secret on April 29 this year.

It is the second time Björn Ulvaeus and Per Gessle lost their money because of Sturmark’s projects. Their joint company Fame Studios were closed down in 2003 after just two and a half years’ activity.

Source: Dagens Industri,,,