World Tour 2012: Quito, Ecuador – April 19 #97

Comment from Per Gessle

Oh yea Quito! Thanx for a wonderful evening, thanx for singing along (does everyone in Equador know our songs by heart????), thanx for showing us your beautiful town, we’re certainly having a blast here. Thanx for your support tonight, it felt like we all were one, we had a fab time even though we couldn’t play LTYH due to Marie’s (lack of) voice. Next time we do it in a ten minute version! LOVE, P&M&Co


01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be The Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. 7twenty7
11. Fading Like A Flower
12. Crash!Boom!Bang!
13. How Do You Do!
14. Dangerous
Band Presentation
15. Joyride (introduced with “Chullita Quiteño”)

16. Spending My Time
17. The Look
18. Listen To Your Heart (not performed due to Marie’s voice problems)
19. Church Of Your Heart


Concert was due to take place on April 17, but later – after Caracas was announced (April 17) and Bogota (April 19) cancelled, it changed the date. Over 9,000 people bought tickets to that very first Roxette concert in the country. The group was really popular in the 90’s and looking at the clips from the concert you can still see how popular all Roxette songs are there.

Picture of the setlist

First South American concerts on sale

The sale for the first South American concert has just began. The chosen city is Quito in Ecuador. Sale for another concert in Rosario in Argentina qwill start shortly. Despite previous announcments – sale for Bogota gig has not started yet. If you have any other updates, please let us know in the comment section.