Q&A night on Twitter.

The yesterday’s night Per Gessle answered for many questions which he didn’t really do in the last few weeks. And for your information, there are a lot of interesting and mysterious answers:

Q from memami04: Will there be meet&greets like you did at the Party Crasher Tour?
A: Hope we can make a few. No promises, though.

Q from madonnajanetj:Can’t wait for NOTP in Antwerp. Will get a full, proper Rox Tour in 2010??:-)
A: Hmmm, I’d buy a ticket….

Q from frulampa: Is there a live CD or live DVD from “Room-Service”-Tour 2001???
A: Well, yes…. it’s lying around somewhere unreleased… something for another box maybe….

Q from rosa_73: What did you do in Italy? Did you buy new Ferrari?
A: Just had to check out that 458 Italia….
[Ferrari 458 Italia]

Q from memami04: Did you feel comfortable by doing Demos at Tits&ass again. Or do you like doing songs without Demos anymore?
A: Since I’m writing a bit for Marie there has to be some kind of demo around. I love doing simple ones at T&A.

Q from shneedelwoods: Writing songs & making demos? Solo stuff or brilliant new rox material? any plans yet?
A: I’m writing for Roxette, myself and GT. You never know what’s gonna happen, do you? Better be prepared….

Q from memami04:gessle over europe is coming! But when? Can’t wait to Watch the Show again. Do you Love the idea of a GT Tour again?
A: GT Tour? Hell, yes!

Q from RoxAnna1978: how do you feel abot the songs (demos) you have recorded now-do they sound good?
A: Do they sound good? Are you joking?

Q from elcondetin: What’s your mood nowadays in the demo writing/recording world.. uptempo slow -mid? How feels writing for Marie again? natural?
A: Nothing’s changed. I write anything. Anything to please me. Been writing some duets though (for a change).

Source: Twitter

“Den sjunde vågen” tour – audio.

Leo sent us his collection of live songs from 1985 (?). If you have any other recordings from the 80-ies, just leave a comment.

1. Jag Går Min Väg
2. Ännu Doftar Kärlek
3. Het Vind
4. Så Nära Nu
5. Natt Efter Natt
6. Den Sjunde Vågen
7. Mot Okända Hav
8. För Dom Som Älskar
9. Värdighet
10. En Känsla Av Regn
11. När Du Såg På Mej
12. Den Sjunde Vågen

Sendspace or Rapidshare.

Thanks to Leo.

Marie likes U2. So does Per.

Åsa, Lars Nording & Per.Marie Fredriksson was on U2 360° Tour concert in Gothenburg on August 1. Expressen published a little interview with her where she admitted that she liked U2 very much. On the other hand, Per Gessle posted on his Twitter, that U2 was great but not fantastic. I’ve seen them so much better many times before. Hilarious stage set though. Loved it.

If you want to download this interview, click here (thanks sweepi!).

Thanks to crashroxer & sarahdenrara @ R2R.

New covers of Marie & Per’s solo hits.

After Erik Linder, Sweden’s Got Talent finalist, who has recorded two covers of Marie’s songs “Tro” and “Ännu doftar kärlek” and one Per’s – “Tycker om när du tar på mej” on his debut album “Inifrån”, another artist performed interesting version of Marie’s hit single – this time 1985’s “Efter stormen”. It was the popular Swedish dansband Scotts. You can listen to theirs live version recorded by marita213 on Stora Torg in Kristianstad on June 5th.

Thanks to Evgeny and Lionel.

Updated on June 22: Two links for ÄDK and TONDTPM added.

Source: TDR, DansbandBloggen

Bolyos family’s performance at Monrad’s Fisk & Deli

Bolyos family at Monrad's Fisk & Deli, May 29
As we previously reported, Marie Fredriksson, her husband Mikael Bolyos and son Oscar with Pelle Alsing on drums did a suprising performance at Monrad’s, a delicacy shop in Stockholm’s Djursholm, on May 29. There are many photos from the soundcheck and the concert itself on the shop’s official website.

Thanks to Ivanych @ R2R.

Marie did perform at Artist Fund Gala in Stadshuset

As we previously informed, Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos attended on a June 18 gala at Stadshuset where Crown Princess Victoria was handing out this year’s prizes from the Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Artist Fund.

And yes, Marie did perform in the Golden Hall, where “Fading like a flower” video was shot. It is still unknown which song she sang. Most likely it was “Tro”.

Thanks to The Look (@ R2R forum)

Marie at Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Artist Fund Gala in Stadshuset

Marie Fredriksson and Mikael Bolyos attended on a June 18 gala at Stadshuset where Crown Princess Victoria was handing out this year’s prizes from the Marianne and Sigvard Bernadotte Artist Fund. Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA was also among the other guests.

It is not confirmed if Marie performed there or not.


Source: Stureplan.se, Expressen, Finest.se, Nightlife.se

“It must have been love” & “The Look” live from Stockholm

Roxette in Stockholm, May 10th 2009Here is today’s Per Gessle’s interview from Sirius’ The Pulse chanell for downloading. There are even hidden two little gems – “The look” and “It must have been love” live from Stockholm on May 10th.

Thanks to shirley @ R2R.

Radio special on Marie Fredriksson

571389_280_280Though we still have no informations regarding Marie Fredriksson’s performance on 10th World Childhood Foundation Gala in Gothenburg on May 18th, we were informed today about Swedish radio P4 special on her. The first part of this programme will be broadcasted on May 24th at 11.05 PM (GMT+01:00) and the second one one week later on May 31st at the same time. Lasse Lindbom, well-know Swedish musician and producer will be the guest. He will discuss her solo career and tell more about his collaboration and relationship (!!!!) with Marie.

Source: P4 Musik