Marie likes U2. So does Per.

Åsa, Lars Nording & Per.Marie Fredriksson was on U2 360° Tour concert in Gothenburg on August 1. Expressen published a little interview with her where she admitted that she liked U2 very much. On the other hand, Per Gessle posted on his Twitter, that U2 was great but not fantastic. I’ve seen them so much better many times before. Hilarious stage set though. Loved it.

If you want to download this interview, click here (thanks sweepi!).

Thanks to crashroxer & sarahdenrara @ R2R.

Tylösand Hotel’s 41 million SEK profit.

Even now Per Gessle and Björn Nordstrand, owners of Tylösand Hotel, cannot complain about theirs profits – Hallandposten informs.

According to Dagens Industri the hotel’s last year’s turnover was over 162 million SEK, while net profit landed on 41 million. Because of the recession and fewer bookings, comparing to 2007 profits decreased by 10 from 51 million SEK.

The 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs – the list.

Here is the final list of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs according to Per Gessle and Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström which they played on Sirius’ Nordic rox on June 12.

Top 50 songs:

Save Tonight – Eagle Eye Cherry
Worry Sick – Edith Backlund
Hurtful – Erik Hassle
God morgon Columbus – Pontus & Amerikanerna
Sunny Girl – Hep Stars
Cup noodle song – Pineforest Crunch
Runnin’ out of gaz – Pauline Kamusewu
Words Enough To Tell You – The Mascots
The Sun – Melpo Mene
Electric – Melody Club
Dream my days away – Broder Daniel
Honey Honey – ABBA
Ser bara moln – Alf
En gång i vårt sommarland – Gunnar Wiklund
Do You Love Me – Amanda Jenssen
Don’t Call The Police – Moneybrother
Dream On – Atomic Swing
Do You Know – The Lollipops
Sommaren rasar – Bob Hund
Tjörn – Björn Olsson
Over ‘Fore It Started – Caesars Palace
You Can’t Hurry Love – The Concretes
We Got To Be Good To Each Other – Ray Wonder
Watercolours In The Rain – Roxette
Måndagsbarn – Veronica Maggio

Hit – Wannadies
Dimma – Dag Vag
Got To Go – Damn!
Different Sound (Feat. Malte) – Teddybears
Holidays – Brainpool
Nothing to Worry About – Peter Bjorn And John
The Girl and the Robot – Junior Röyksopp
Spiderweb suit – Sandy Mouche
Holiday for girls – Lisa Lindebergh
En ny tid är här – November
No One Sleeps When I’m Awake – The Sounds
Hunting high and low – a-ha
Bo Bo Boogie Pack – Annabee-Nox
One Way Love – Agnetha Fältskog
Segla på ett moln – Anne-Lie Ryde’
Lizard – The Mopeds
I can buy you – A Camp
C’mon – Per Gessle
Heartbeats – José Gonzalez
Don’t Hate On Me – Vincent
Pizza – Adiam Dymott
Stadsvandringar – Dungen
Every raindrop means a lot – Tages
Sail with me, come on and try – I love… – Pugh Rogefeldt
Solglasögon – Docent Död

Sommartider – Gyllene Tider

Cigarettes – Anita Lindblom

Sommartider was not Per’s selection, but Sirius’.

Thanks to the_tevensso from the official Son of a Plumber board.

Danyela’s “En händig blog”.

One of the most creative, incredible and craziest fans in the rox-world, Danyela Etchart from Porto Alegre in Brazil has started her own blog-site “En händig blog” (Handy blog) which is written both in Portuguese and English. There are many pictures, stories and jokes from her long and amazing trips to Sweden, gigs she was on, all the meetings with Per she had and even Swedish press-articles about her! So if you want to join the unpredictable and extreme joyride, just visit her website. And yes, Dany’s coming to Europe for “Night of the proms”!

Dany’s Party crasher tour (trailer)
En händig man på turne (part 1/2)
En händig man på turne (part 2/2)

Some of the photos you will be able to see there:

Source: EnHändigBlog

New covers of Marie & Per’s solo hits.

After Erik Linder, Sweden’s Got Talent finalist, who has recorded two covers of Marie’s songs “Tro” and “Ännu doftar kärlek” and one Per’s – “Tycker om när du tar på mej” on his debut album “Inifrån”, another artist performed interesting version of Marie’s hit single – this time 1985’s “Efter stormen”. It was the popular Swedish dansband Scotts. You can listen to theirs live version recorded by marita213 on Stora Torg in Kristianstad on June 5th.

Thanks to Evgeny and Lionel.

Updated on June 22: Two links for ÄDK and TONDTPM added.

Source: TDR, DansbandBloggen

Gessle’s songs of the day (May-July)

Per Gessle posts his own song(s) of the day every day and informs all his follwers about music events he took part in. I thought it would’ve been nice to have all these interesting informations in one place.

YouTube links are coming later on.
Of course, it’s going to be updated.

July 14:
Ruby, don’t take your love to town. Kenny Rogers. Great beard.

July 13:
Evil hearted Ada. The Flamin’ Groovies. Used to play this a lot with the GT-lads late 70’s.

July 12:
Fleet Foxes are quite good.
Sunday treat: Found my old Paperback writer/Rain 7″-single!!! (Info to all you young people: It’s by The Beatles!). My God, it sounds good!

July 11:
Cars. Gary Numan.

July 10:
@tevensso Excellent choice, sir!

(tevensso: Song of the night: It Never Rains in Southern California – Albert Hammond)

July 9:
Outstanding song of the day: Urge for going. Joni Mitchell.
Telstar. The Tornados.

July 7:
Forever young. Dylan. Live at David Letterman 1993. It’s on YouTube.

July 6:
Red balloon.Tim Hardin.

July 5:
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood. Did you ever.

July 4:
Have you seen her. The Chi-Lites. Magnificent.

July 3:
Can’t make up my mind between L’important c’est la rose/Gilbert Becaud & Making plans for Nigel/XTC. Can you?

July 2:
Waiting on a friend. The Rolling Stones. Made for the shade.

July 1:
Somebody to love. Brad Newman. There’s a Swedish version as well. Någon att hålla i hand. Sven-Ingvars. Almost as good.

June 30:
Sweet Tuesday song of the day: Steve Miller Band: Fly like an eagle. Sounds old. And young.

June 29:
I don’t like Mondays. Boomtown Rats. Never liked that one. Manic Monday. Bangles. There you go.

June 28:
Sunday Ditty of the Day: Sally Simpson by the Who. It’s on Tommy.

June 27:
Duncan. Paul Simon. A masterpiece, never liked the flutes, though….

June 26:
Billie Jean. MJ. Outstanding. Unbelievably good.

June 25:
Hard to handle. Patti Drew. They don’t do ’em like this anymore!

June 24:
Invisible to her. Brainpool. -“And all the boys are goin’ aaaah!”. Brilliant!

June 23:
A man without love. Engelbert Humperdinck. You need music like this once in a while.

June 22:
Donovan. Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness).

AC/DC last nite. Excellent popcorn!

June 21:
Fresh strawberries and Bend me, Shape me (American Breed). Flavours of the day.

June 20:
Anything by Erik Satie…………………………………

June 19:
Neanderthal man. Hotlegs. Cheers.

June 18:
She’s so high. Tal Bachman. Hated it on the radio a couple of years ago. Love it now. Is there a lesson to be learned from this?

June 17:
Watched quite terrible David Bowie-DVD “Plastic soul review” last nite. However, song of the day must be his Young Americans. Superb!

June 16:
Rebel yell. Billy Idol. Purrfect. Followed by All the way to Reno. REM. When they’re good they’re outstanding.

June 15:
I love the nu Jonas Akerlund-video. Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. is where it’s at. Don’t know what’s happening but I like the song too.

“Goin’ back”. The Byrds.

June 14:
Sunshine on the westcoast! BBQ and old Jethro Tull.

The Sounds new album sounds very good.

June 13:
Saturday in the park. Chicago. Ha ha ha ha ……

June 12:
Playing “Hold me” from Russell Smith’s first solo album (on vinyl!!!). Produced by Barry Beckett & Co. Brilliant!

Barry Beckett dies. Such a shame. Extraordinary musician. Muscle Shoals. Check out, f i, Paul Simon’s There goes rhymin’ Simon. A treat.
The Friday Take-Off: Believe I’ve found/Soundtrack Of Our Lives. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Reading a most fab book: “Bob Dylan – The songs he didn’t write”. About the covers he’s recorded & performed. A thrill.

June 11:
Can’thelpbutthinkin that Basse Wickman’s Son of Cathy’s Clown is the best Swedish single ever! Such a great voice (nevermindtheKnopflergtr)

Anders F. Rönnblom “Jag kysste henne våldsamt”. Pump up the volume!!!!

June 10:
“Walking out on love ” Paul Collins’ Beat + “Supersonic” Oasis. It’s one of those mornings…

June 9:
Just like a woman. Bob Dylan. Live 1966 Royal Albert Hall. Some of the most beautiful music ever made.

June 8:
Song of the afternoon: Harley-Davidson, sung with love & affection by Brigitte B.

Cry baby cry from The White Album. I never quite got over the fact that the Beatles broke up.

June 7:
Never gonna give you up – Rick Astley. The 80’s are underrated!

June 6:
BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU The Dandy Warhols. Should be played every Saturday morning!

June 5:
“Dizzy” Tommy Roe. Makes you wanna dance with the cornflakes.

June 4:
Just came back from Sthlm Stadion. Bruce sounded terrific, he even played Who’ll stop the rain but Gabriel & me were freezing our asses off!

“Feel like makin’ love”. Roberta Flack. Awesome.

June 3:
Someone is playing “Broken down angel” by Nazareth. Haven’t heard that one for years. Must be this crazy neighbourhood….

Ain’t it strange/Patti Smith Group. Fantastic. Can you believe Gyllene Tider played this -78? I made a Swedish translation. And we played John Cale’s “Helen of Troy”. “Flicka av guld” was the Swedish title if I remember it right… Got it on cassette somewhere..

June 2:
“Snow angel” by Ron Sexsmith. Just what we need for summer!

June 1:
Peter Bruntnell’s version of “Waterloo sunset”. Just dandy!

May 31:
Additonal suggestion: Whatever happened to my rock’n roll. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Makes you wake up.

Mothers’ Day. Song of the day: Take your mama for a ride. Lulu. 1976. Swell.

May 30:
“Dreams are ten a penny” by Kincade. Great production, great song!

May 29:
I just listened to Washington County by Arlo Guthrie. i loved that album as a kid, it still sounds like I remember it. Great sleeve too!

Almost song of the day: Dick Mixon’s wonderful remix of “Silly really”. He’s so talented, folks, you wouldn’t believe it!

“Everybody’s got to learn sometime” by the Korgis. Beautiful.

May 28:
Bo Diddley on the iPod. Oh yea.

Forgot about how overwhelming and ass-kicking Bowies’ Ziggy Stardust is! Oh man, play it again, please!

May 27:
More Steve M! Check this out & get blown away: OUTSTANDING!!!!

May 26:
No, haven’t seen Madonna since Paris 200?. However, got tcts to the Gbg show! She was at our gig at the Beacon, NYC 1992!

May 25:
Checking out Small Faces on youtube. “Tin soldier” is on my Top 10 best-song- ever-list. There will never be another Steve Marriott!!

Mama said by Nick Lowe is from “E.P.” Pretty hard to find these days. Good luck with it.

B-fast in the sun, Josh Rouse & Little Richard on the iPod, great Indy race last nite. Awopbopaloo.

May 22:
Meetings are up. Headin’ for New Jersey and Springsteen’s hometown-show. Sean Penn in the hotel lobby. We all love him.

Brooze in New Jersey last nite was a mesmerizing experience. I like Radio Nowhere for some reason. The crowd was the best I’ve seen.

I like Brooze when he’s showing off his pop side. Cover me, Hungry heart, Wauting on a sunny day, I don’t like Rosalita & Jungleland. Sorry.

May 17:
Someone next door is playing Dr Hook’s version of “Only sixteen”. What a great idea!!!

Xllent choice of music, Gabriel! Kim Fowley’s behind B. Bumble & Co! Kool kat indeed!

Keith Urban on the iPod? I met him in the gym at the Bev Hills Hotel a couple of weeks ago. Nice guy, b-ful wife!

The 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs according to Gessle

Roxette’s Per Gessle and Swedish music journalist Sven Lindström celebrate the summer season with a countdown of the 50 greatest Scandinavian summer songs of all time on The Spectrum’s Nordic Rox, SIRIUS XM’s Scandinavian music show. Listeners heard songs by Peter Bjorn and John, Eagle-Eye Cherry, ABBA, Roxette and more.

The Spectrum, SIRIUS channel 18, XM channel 45:
Sunday, July 12 at 8:00 pm ET
Wednesday, July 15 at 11:00 pm ET

Has someone recorded this show or at least got the final list?

Source: TDR,, Sirius XM

Party crasher tour’s releases

We got the final tracklists of forthcoming releases from “Party crasher tour”:

I. Gessle over Europe – CD

1. Dressed for success (Cologne)
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her (Cologne)
3. Stupid (London)
4. Wish I could fly (London)
5. She doesn’t live here anymore (Copenhagen)
6. 7Twenty7 (Amsterdam)
7. I have a party in my head (Amsterdam)
8. Late, later on (Amsterdam)
9. Listen to your heart (Cologne)
10. Do you wanna be my baby? (Copenhagen)
11. Opportunity nox (London)
12. Doesn’t make sense (Cologne)
13. Joyride (Stockholm 2)
14. C’mon (Warsaw)
15. Are you an old hippie, sir? (Warsaw)
16. It must have been love (Cologne)
17. The Look (Halmstad)
18. Hey mr DJ (Amsterdam)
19. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone (Munich)
20. Sleeping in my car (Amsterdam)
21. Queen of rain (Cologne)

There will be three tracks less than on LP – “The Party Pleaser” & “Dangerous” (Stockholm 1) and “Church of your heart” (Stockolm 2).

II. Live at Cirkus, Stockholm May 9, 2009 – bonus-DVD

1. Dressed for success
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her
3. Stupid
4. The Party Pleaser
5. Wish I could fly
6. She doesn’t live here anymore
7. 7Twenty7
8. I have a party in my head (I hope it never ends)
9. Late, later on
10. Listen to your heart
11. Do you wanna be my baby?
12. Opportunity nox
13. Doesn’t make sense
14. Church of your heart
15. Dangerous
16. Joyride
17. C’mon
18. Are you an old hippie, sir?
19. The Look
20. It must have been love
21. Hey mr DJ (won’t you play another love song)
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
23. Sleeping in my car
24. Queen of rain

III. 100 x tribal homevideos from the tour filmed by Mr Gessle and his posse

IV. Video clips:
· Silly really
· Jo-Anna says
· C’mon
· Do you wanna be my baby (director’s cut)
· Kix (director’s cut)
· I want you to know
· Hey mr DJ (won’t you play another love song)
· Shopping with mother
· Kix (Lovely Pair mix)
· Kix-cha-cha (director’s cut)

V. Party Crasher EPK – interview by Sven Lindström

VI. Son Of A Plumber Documentary


Party Crasher – UK edition

The online version of Robert Thorselius’ The Look For Roxette book published some pictures of Gessle’s “Party crasher” from United Kingdom.

“Party Crasher” was released in the UK on June 15 and the label releasing the album was not EMI/Capitol, but Sony Music.

P.S. It seems like Per knows this website well as he posted info on his Twitter page.


Gessle over Europe – live LP order

The Live LP order:

Gessle over Europe – LP

1. Dressed for success (Cologne)
2. Drowning in wonderful thoughts about her (Cologne)
3. Stupid (London)
4. The Party Pleaser (Stockholm 1)
5. Wish I could fly (London)
6. She doesn’t live here anymore (Copenhagen)

7. 7twenty7 (Amsterdam)
8. I have a party in my head (Amsterdam)
9. Late, later on (Amsterdam)
10. Listen to your heart (Cologne)
11. Do you wanna be my baby? (Copenhagen)
12. Opportunity nox (London)

13. Doesn’t make sense (Cologne)
14. Church of your heart (Stockholm 2)
15. Dangerous (Stockholm 1)
16. Joyride (Stockholm 2)
17. C’mon (Warsaw)
18. Are you an old hippie, sir? (Warsaw)

19. The Look (Halmstad)
20. It must have been love (Cologne)
21. Hey Mr DJ (Amsterdam)
22. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone (Munich)
23. Sleeping in my car (Amsterdam)
24. Queen of rain (Cologne)

6 tracks from Cologne
5 tracks from Amsterdam
3 tracks from London
2 tracks from Warsaw
2 tracks from Copenhagen
2 tracks from Stockholm 1
2 tracks from Stockholm 2
1 track from Munich
1 track from Halmstad

In bold: these songs will be missing on the CD version

So now we know that there won’t be any Roxette live songs on this album and it’s very probable that three songs from London show will be the same as these from Sirius programme. The same will probably happen with Stockholm 1 which will be on DVD.


Live album title revealed

The forthcoming release from European Party Crasher Tour will be called “Gessle over Europe” and it will include live CD plus Stockholm gig on DVD, videos and documentaries as bonus. The double vinyl album will have 3 or 4 extra tracks compared to the CD due to technical reasons. CD/DVD will be released in the end of the summer and the LP edition somewhere in September.

Thanks to tevensso (@ TDR) we also got to know that “Dressed for success” will be from Cologne gig. This means that the city order given by Per (Cologne, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Stockholm#2, Warsaw, Halmstad, Munich) wasn’t accidental at all.