NOTP tour: Antwerp, October 25, concert #3

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Marie is taking penicillin for her throat. It sounds really terrible but slightly better today than y-day… 2 days off now. She needs that.

Official videos:

Pelle jumping backstage

Fans stories:



I was today in Antwerp to see Roxette playing at the NOTP…Marie had some problems with her voice but it was very nice to see her back on stage…

EMIL (Source: R2R)

On the 3 concert there no standing tickets , it started early and was more like a family concert. She sang on the chair. Maybe illness get worst, but she was good.

YouTube Clips:

Wish I could fly (The whole recording) | Wish I Could Fly 2 | Listen to your heart 1 | Listen to your heart 2 | The look | It must have been love / Joyride / Listen to your heart

Download Joyride/Wish I could fly/The Look/It must have been love from Txiqui (thanks!):

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  1. Someone had uploaded a new WICF clip to youtube. Not the whole song, but a great (and very steady) wide angle with the orchestra and screens perfectly framed

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