NOTP tour: Programme book for Antwerp, TV broadcast?

Night of the Proms logoAt the official Proms page it’s now possible to go through a virtual programm book for Antwerp. Roxette on page five!

Source: NOTP Antwerp

Update: There’s an ad for NOTP on Belgian TV channel EEN on December 27.

11 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Programme book for Antwerp, TV broadcast?”

  1. This is the second edition of the program book, with live photos…

    The first edition had a picture from the pressconference in May…

    also in this second edition an ad for NotP on Belgian tv-channel EEN on 27 december

  2. Don’t know what the ad is about (there’s an error when viewing the middle pages of the book) but you certainly don’t have to expect any tv broadcasting of this year’s edition.

  3. Added a question mark… 😉

    In Germany there’s broadcasting (Deluxe Music) of the previous editions until new year’s day. Hope to get this edition in the winter months!

  4. @Project_Z: thanks for posting the ad. Each year around this time “één” broadcasts some footage of the previous edition. It won’t be different this year. And it’s quite understandable as the tour is still running then.
    @Sascha: … winter months of next year

  5. Mmm… mistake in my post… tour is over by Dec 27. Anyway, can’t see a profound reason why they would broadcast the current edition. They’ve never done that.

  6. @Pascal: in the weeks before the “new” edition (2009), they broadcast the “old” edition (2008). In Dec/Jan, they broadcast the “new” edition (2009) in 1, 2 or even 3 parts.
    When the next edition (2010) is coming, they will (probably) rebroadcast the 2009 edition.
    It’s like this for some years…

  7. Oooh ok, I really didn’t know they broadcast notp in the beginning of the year – never heard of. But I just took a look at the news section of the proms site and yes, apparently they do (at least for 2008 edition). Thanks.

  8. The broadcast of the NOTP show in Rotterdam is every year on new years eve. It’s the evening filling program.

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