NOTP tour: Hamburg, November 27, #23

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Sascha’s snapshots | Der Westen | NDR2 | Morgenpost | Kölner Stadtanzeiger | RTN | Regioactive | Bildmaschine

Per Gessle’s comments:

Excellent Hamburg gig. We felt extremely welcome by the German crowd. Thank you. Danke, dears. Let’s kick ass tomorrow again.

Hamburg! What a crowd! What a response! Just did Wish I could fly. Marie’s in top shape! Alan Parsons just borrowed my black guitar. Swell.

Official videos:

Lots of fresh footage starting here

Fans stories:


What a night! Already the knowing to really be at a Roxette event after those dark seven years felt incredible while I went into the arena. The show started of with some classical songs, the Katona twins, then Christina Stürmer, followed by Heaven 17. another classical track. Hey, what was that? A blue dress was glittering left of the stage… Marie?

Marie!!! The stage lift went down and I could see her head in the dark hole. Then the strings went into a familiar note: the intro of WICF. As she went up, smiling into the audience, Roxette got such a big welcome, so much louder than everything before! Marie started to sing and it sounded different to the past. But for sure not worse. Rather in the direction of hoarse, but full and touching. The beautiful performance was thanked with a thundering applause and they said good bye until the 2nd part.

After some classical part Alan Parsons entered the stage with Jonas on his side and they did a couple of beautiful songs. Jonas is such a master at the guitar, I wanna hear much of him on the new record! In the break I looked for the merchandise stand and got the new NOTP CD. They had ROX20 as well, but I didn’t find the shirts. 2nd part. The classical tracks were mixed with the twins doing a nice pop medley, than Christina again. John Miles did some good songs and Jonas was quite often jamming at the front of stage. Great solos! Jonas playing around… dand dang-dang… The Look!

As soon as Roxette entered the arena again everyone was on his feet. And they did simply great: Per jumping as usual, the whole band smiling all over and Marie walking the stage, fooling around with the band and orchestra. Thousands of lights at the ballads, thousands of voices at the up-tempos! Everyone was Na-na-na! Marie dared quite high notes at the end of LTYH and at one point her voice broke of. After a second she went on and sang even higher, with more power! They got such a huge response by the crowd, such a thunder of applause and encouraging screams, it was clear for everyone: Roxette was the absolute highlight of the night, they won them all. Like the reporters put it later: It seemed like everyone came for one reason: Roxette’s comeback.

Now watching my photos and videos it’s still hard to believe it really happened. But it is! Almost unreal. I did only a few video clips and snapshots cause I needed to enjoy as much as possible through my own eyes, unfiltered. It went so damn fast! The bad point of the night: I was too far away! Can’t wait to jump into the crowd in Dortmund. 🙂

NOTP FANPAGE: “Roxette – the absolute highlight”

YouTube clips:

Sascha’s video (in HD) | IMHBL | LTYH | IMHBL (clip)
By Tueffelberta: WICF | TL | IMHBL | J | LTYH

Media reports/reviews:

NDR2: “The most emotional NOTP”
Abendblatt: “Comeback of the year”
Der Westen: “Magnificent comeback of Roxette”

The voice of Marie Fredriksson has become more mature, in the heights no longer quite so at home, but all the more expressive.

Morgenpost: “Old heroes and hire youngsters”
Kölner Stadtanzeiger: “Roxette’s stage comeback”

TV reports: Leute heute | Brisant

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