NOTP tour: Interviews with the artists

The NOTP team published a video with interviews about the German tourstart. Besides Per, Christina Stürmer tells how she experienced the intense reaction to Roxette. She went into the audience for their show. Check out:

Thanks Project_Z for the tip!

5 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Interviews with the artists”

  1. ain’t she sweet! I mean Christina 🙂

    She didn’t only experience Roxette from the audience on Friday, but also on Saturday. I sat somewhere in the back and saw her go to the control table/area which was in the back/middle of the arena, right before Roxette started with WICF and then go back to backstage again after Roxette sang 😉
    And she did the same in the 2nd half – cute.
    She sang along, stood up and clapped like any other fan.
    Well, she said she’s happy she participates at NOTP and can share stage with Roxette, “I grew up with them!” 😉
    And she’s got a better voice than I thought. I was impressed. Guess who’s gonna go to the next Christina S. show!

  2. Yeah, she seems to be a nice person and her performance surprised me for the good. looks like a honest rox fan, right?

  3. I like Christina too! She has some really good songs and is of course a nice person :)..and see; she’s the same touched about Roxette’s comeback as we all are! :`)

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