Roxette song book on the way?

According to some tweets from Twitter, Swedish Gehrmans Musikförlag should be working on a Roxette song book.

Here are the tweets:

Gehrmans: Music engraving madness for the #Roxette book. Why is it a always a choice between too spacious or tight? 3 or 4 systems/page we wonder…

(this tweet was re-tweeted by Per, that’s why actually some fans came across this information ;))

Sweet_curly : @Gehrmans Does that mean you are going to publish orchestral scores of Roxette songs?

Gehrmans: @Sweet_Curly No, it’s not orchestral scores but a really good song book!

@Gehrmans Thank you for your answer! Any chance, that this songbook will be published outside of Sweden as well? Germany, e.g.? 😉

@Sweet_Curly Yes. I beleive it’s in english for an international market. I’ll have the actual producer tweet you with info. /Henrik

Update: @joroxer The new #Roxette book will include their singles. 30 songs, about a third not published as #sheetmusic before.

7 thoughts on “Roxette song book on the way?”

  1. I’m really interested in this since I (try to) play guitar and the chords on the net are often wrong or uncomplete. Hopefully incl. all Roxette songs! 😀

  2. another update:
    @joroxer It’s a PVG with completely new piano arrangements.


  3. 30 singles and the third not published before? There was some sheets published by this company with Wish I could fly and The centre of the heart, so I wonder which songs are going to be there?

    I also found two song books on my computer – am going to post here in the next few days 🙂

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