Solsken’s report from Barcelona

Our reader Solsken sent us his personal review for Roxette’s Barcelona concert. Thanks!

The waiting outside Palau Sant Jordi was really a long one, although I got there quite late. We had to give it all during the rain and due to the relatively cold weather for what Barcelona is. I was later told that such a rainy waiting was something common for several Rox concerts during the year. I just made us fight for what we desired – be there as close as possible to the band, which was achieved after some running and some annoying multiple-checking of the ticket for the show. The selection of which cameras enter and which not was also somewhat ridiculous, especially as mine stayed outside. It doesn’t matter, it’s all recorded in my head.

What can I say – a Roxette concert, from the 4-5th row: it can only be a magical experience with these songs and this band. I think Marie almost never struggled with the lyrics and delivered, what a woman, admire her strength!!! Once again I was impressed by the energy Per shows on this tour. I read somewhere (a stupid journalist?) that he has learned all the typical guitarist movements, but in fact they were his own movements which we know so well and I personally like a lot and expect to see. So he was full of energy and so interactive with the audience.

He also had a great gresture toward Marie he came after Perfect Day, and we were shouting “Marie, Marie”. Great musician and a great show by him personally. The same is the case for Magnus and Helena’s jumping during The look – they went so crazy… and great to watch. And what about Mr. von Lundquist: he can make an amazing guitar solo on every song: his versions of The Look, 7-27, and She’s got nothing on sound such rockingly great to me!

Of course, you always miss what you know can happen – like Sould depp & Watercolours in the rain, but you can’t always get everything you want… Oh, I almost forgot: I hadn’t seen the new lights and they really are not something excessively bombastic (which I think would be unnecessary), but they fir the songs very well and I personally enjoyed them very much – a very good decision. Chris’s Barça anthem really made the people go crazy, as well as Per reading (rather than speaking) Catalan!!! During that second episode is when the “Gessle, Gessle” shouting started.

I can only talk about the ones that were in the front, since I was always looking forward, so that I don’t I miss a moment of the show, like when I was fighting with the camera. I think in the front row it was really lively with all the jumping, shouting and singing, which never stopped, expected for some tender moments like Marie’s Perfect day during which is sang in a different (not so crazy) well. I think we did quite well with It must have been love, Spending my time and during the first verse of Fading like a flower (‘cos Marie asked).

We also sang “na na na na na na” in the Beatles style, after singing it in the Roxette style first during The look. I was particilarly pleased that we could sing the whole two verses of How do you do while Per was playing (with) the single guitar chord; we then sang it once again during the “real” song. And I am also very pleasued about the attendence – 8.200 (I read it on Facebook) is a great number considering the late change of venue and the zero promotion, except from some free newspaper and a radio station once in a while.

So, as I said, we had the “Marie, Marie” & the “Gessle, Gessle” cheering, we also tried to sing Happy birthday when Clarence was presented, but I think it wasn’t really heard from the stage. The “TACK!” coloured sheets of paper that we held were, as RXB says, a really good idea. Thanx to the more organized and crazier fans for this!!! And we also sang “oe, oe, oe” (or “ole, ole, ole” or something like that) several times and Roxette seemed to like that continued reaction:))

As you know, there was an after party organized I think by RoxSpain (I don’t know the people personally, so excuse me if I’m wrong; in any case Thanx for the organization). I am not usually the center of any party, but it was really great to have 2.30h (due to late arrival) of only Rox-related songs. And we got to hear some Charm School demos!! The music was perfectly selected and I really enjoyed people’s response to Opp Nox and Crash on you, which are among my personal favorites.

Apart from all already said, I had the chance to meet the band at the airport and I can only say that they are such nice people!!!! And that those seconds, especially with Per, are something I will never forget.

5 thoughts on “Solsken’s report from Barcelona”

  1. Thanks for the nice report Solsken.

    Concerts in Spain are always great.

    Roxette must repeat those two next year 🙂
    And then i’ll go to both 🙂

  2. Hey Solsken 🙂

    Very nice review on the Barcelona show!
    Too bad you weren’t on the Madrid gig as well, we could’ve meet and go together for a first row experience… well, next time 🙂

    It’s always nice to have another bulgarian face around, rox on! 😉

  3. THANX!

    And thanks also to Sascha for posting it as an entry, it really made me happy (and it’s a “him” not a “her”, as the sub-title says, but that’s not critical, anyway 😉 !

    Fortunately there are more Rox concerts to come and we’ll meet eventually, the Bulgarians and the fans travelling from all over the world!!!

  4. It always nice to see a frendly face
    and enjoy roxette greatest hits together ..
    25 years
    From one hit to another ,from one concert to another ..
    and the story repeats again and again..

  5. Oops, somehow I was on the wrong way… corrected the “her”. 😉

    We love to post reports and stuff from Roxers around the world, so it’s not only us researching and writing!

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