Roxette have no plans to release full live show on DVD/BD

According to various sources Roxette decided not to release a full live show on DVD/Blu-ray Disc. Despite previous announcements about filming in Barcelona, Oberursel, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, now we know those plans do not exist any longer. Instead of releasing the concert, the band is working on a documentary where they can potentially ‘squeeze’ several live songs inbetween. Something in the style of Gyllene Tider’s “Återtåget” documentary? We assume so. The documentary will have two versions: a longer one that is aimed to be released for sale and a shorter one for Swedish channel TV4.

The crew has visited Roxette so far in e.g. South Africa, China and now they came to South America to film the Argentinian and Brazilian hypes.

Our comment: We feel disappointed with a such decision. So far the only Roxette concert available in HQ is “MTV Unplugged”. No other show was released in any of contemporary formats (we exclude CD discs). This situation reminds us of the lost opportunity to film the “Room Service Tour”. We don’t want this to happen again. Please, Per & Marie, EMI Music & Live Nation staff, reconsider your decision!

Update: And here we got comment from Per Gessle himself.

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. You get a shorter version for TV + a longer version for the DVD market. The long one will have at least 60-70 min live stuff. It’s splendido to mix up live performances w/ funny stuff from backstage + studio + hotels + airports + private areas. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep. But that’s me.

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    • The Luna Park show is sold-out, as long as I know. All sectors were marked as ‘no more tickets available’ when I checked it out.

  1. I think this is for real a huge disappointment to a great number of fans. Raëlian commented on this issue yesterday, though. Honestly, I don’t understand why this project was cancelled at all. Would be good to get some reasons for this decision. And if there are good reasons not to release a brand-new live DVD, they could as least consider releasing the magnificent Stockholm 2001 or Barcelona 2001 concert on DVD/blue-ray.

  2. I really think this is no good news… anyway I was not surprised by the decision due to Marie’s condition. The outcome of every show is a little bit unpredictable right now (mostly to lyrics problems). I think the best option will be to release a whole show from Room Service Tour or a mix between several live performances from all Roxette’s history…old live performances from 80-90´s and “new” stuff from 2001 and 2012… A good retrospective for such a great live artist as Roxette. I think that the lack of “live stuff” makes general public believe that Roxette is a “studio” artist, which it’s totally wrong. Anyway all the discussion here are just details when compared to the big miracle of Roxette’ comeback. I will always be grateful to Marie and Per (specially to Marie) for continue working with Roxette. Having the chance to see Roxette performing live today is a real MIRACLE guys…we should always remember that.. I am so happy that the “joyride” continues even after almost 30 years…

  3. Yup, agree with you, HBrox, on that Marie’s return is a a true miracle indeed and I am also grateful for the three shows (one is still coming up this summer) I attended during the last two years. I will never forget them! Yet, I still remember how excited I was when I watched the “Gessle over Europe” DVD for the first time. I had seen Per live in Hamburg in a relatively small venue during his Party Crasher Tour before. The DVD is so dear to me because it brings back lots of memories of that night. If it is entirely because of Marie’s condition, I accept their decision without reservation (even though I think she is doing an awesome awesome job on stage) and hope that the documentary will leave enough room for some live coverage. 🙂

  4. Another thought: Remember the Look Sharp Live homevideo from 1989? In fact, there are only 3 (in words: three!) live songs on it – the other 5 tracks are video clips. C’mon, if there are lyrics problems with two or three songs… they simply could be left out. Who cares?
    Then, if there is only one DVD going to be released, the next question will be: Are the video clips from “One wish” down to “It’s possible” (or the proximate single) also included?

  5. A lot of outraged fans. I agree with Roxette Blog’s comment on top.
    The fans need something to remember when this tour comes to an end this year. Come on!!
    “Please, Per & Marie, EMI Music & Live Nation staff, reconsider your decision!”

  6. It is a disappointment…

    Perhaps we should start a petition!

    I am sure they could offer some live performances from the recent tour, if it is not possible to do a full DVD, and finally perhaps release the other stuff on DVD or Blu Ray… I was watching the bootleg of Liveism the other day, great show but poor quality!

  7. I also hope they reconsider their desicion if it’s true.
    They could still record several shows and put it together so they don’t have to do one “perfect” show. I don’t think a full-length DVD concert has to be from one show only.

  8. Unfortunately, given that in Italy there will be no concerts by Roxette, published at least one live DVD! will be the only way to see our favorite band in concert! Take away this possibility does not. Please!!!!!!

  9. STOP!!!! Please see Per’s comments on facebook. There might me 60 to 70 min. of live stuff on the documentary. So, we can all relax a little, take a deep breath and sing “It’s possible”….

  10. Sounds much better now! A Travelling DVD. The rest or complete show could be Bonus material! 😉

  11. I am on Per’s side this time. I only sit in front of the TV to watch a whole concert on DVD right after purchase. I hardly watch the whole thing again – I prefer jumping to one favourite to another. But I like the idea of a road-movie mixed with some live stuff, that’s a lot more interesting.

  12. I SAW Roxette this year live in Sydney for the first time in my life, and hopefully not the last, but I want to be able to relive the experience at home!

    Per and Marie are only getting older, and Marie has already had one health scare, almost every artist releases at least one concert on dvd/blu ray so come on Roxette, make your music label do it, show some creative power please!

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