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Gessle for I look through what I have and let my imagination run wild

Per Gessle has been interviewed by recently, just before Roxette’s very first gig in LA. Here’s the most interesting quote regarding the song recorded for “Travelling” album.

There’s a song on the new album called “Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife.” What’s that about?
You tell me. [Laughs] I wrote that song because it was something someone said to me in a London nightclub.

What was your response?
“No, she’s doing fine.” [Laughs] That’s always been the way I write. I pick up things people say and write it down. When the time comes to write songs, I look through what I have and let my imagination run wild. Writing songs is very much like putting a puzzle together. You use things that have happened to you and things that haven’t happened to you.

Per also did a phoner with 89.3 KPCC radio station – here‘s the brief summary of that talk.

Patrícia Peres contributed to the article

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Gessle for Aftonbladet: we must decide what to do with Roxette

While Roxette was in New York, Per Gessle met Per Bjurman, journalist of Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. Gessle hasn’t revealed anything new, but there are some facts that we should take into consideration thinking about Roxette and Gyllene Tider’s future. Those are the most interesting quotes from him.

The tour has been the world’s weirdest rehab, Marie’s in a top form again. What we’ll do in the future depends on how she reacts for not playing.

It is a bit special with the US. Knowing how much radio airplay we still get over here, we should’ve sold out Madison Square Garden, but like twenty years ago, we play in a theater. People here recognize the songs very well, but not us as artists. They are constantly singing at our gigs.

We’ve talked about it [Gyllene Tider’s reunion] every year since 2009 and yes, we are “on speaking terms”. We have been there all the time, we just think differently.

But nothing is set, so I cannot confirm it. First we must decide what to do with this band [Roxette]. Above all, it is all about Marie. This tour has been the world’s weirdest rehab she’s started and the question is how it affects her to take two years off. Maybe it’s better for her that we continue to play, I do not know. These are difficult questions.

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Travelling with Roxette – German TV report

Here’s the very latest report covering the only German concert in June this year. It tells the story of a German fan – Astrid Lenhard from Hanover, the 34-years-old sport-therapist, mother of two. You will see her travelling “with” Roxette all over the country and Europe.
Interview with Per Gessle is also included in this TV report.

If you don’t speak Goethe’s language, here below you will find English transcript of the whole interview.

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Roxette to tour again in 2014?

In the very latest interview Per Gessle & Marie Fredriksson have done for Boston’s Patriot Ledger they gave us a hint about possible Roxette reunion in 2014.

We’re gonna have a break from Roxette after this U.S. tour. We will start touring again in early 2014. Hopefully we can return then!

We are totally surprised by the worldwide success. This tour has lasted for 19 months and we’ve played in front of 1.5 million people. Amazing.

When Marie got seriously ill back in 2002, we basically gave up the band. So, from that point of view, it’s a miracle we’re still able to tour at this level. We’re not touring to promote our new album or our latest single – we don’t think in those terms anymore. If people want to hear us, we’ll play. We try to enjoy ourselves and our fans to the max.

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Romania gets ready for Roxette’s visit with interviews

Here are links to some interviews published today in Romanian websites and newspapers:

MagicFM (Romanian, use google translator) (English)

Most important from both is that he confirms there will be “more touring, more recording, more smiles!“, that they will “start again pretty soon. With the feedback we’re getting from Planet Earth, how can we ever stop?“. He doesn’t confirm with whom the touring and recording will be though 🙂

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Peter Boström: “I was very enthusiastic to try my best to get people to hear this gem”

We had the chance to interview Peter “Bassflow” Boström, known in the Rox community mostly for his remixes of “Speak To Me” and “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye”. Picture by Sverigesradio

Roxetteblog: Could you tell us how you got into music? What were/are your inspirations, idols?

Peter Boström: I was playing the violin as a kid. Not by choice, but I learnt the basics of melodies and patterns really fast. As a teen, growing up in Stockholm, you had to listen to either hard rock or synth to be somewhat accepted 😉

I always liked experimental stuff so I chose to be a loyal synth-fan. Besides, I didn’t really have the hair to listen to rock, haha!

My big idols were, and still are, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Jean Michel Jarre.

RXB: what is your favourite instrument / music effect?

Peter: My favorite instrument must be my old and damaged Korg Poly6. It is always out of tune but it sounds just wonderful. Dirty and noisy. Just what the doctor ordered in this digital era.

RXB: Where does your nickname “Bassflow” come from?

Peter: Bassflow is actually the name of my company. In 1992, I was sharing studio with a team called Time Bomb, a swedish Hip hop collective. Bassflow sounded phat and cool in regards of hip hop. I didn’t use the name until 2006 when I did a remake of 7milakliv by Martin Stenmarck and was asked what name I wanted to use as a remixer for the cover.

RXB: You have worked with many Swedish artists, how did you get to work with them?

I started my company in 1992, at the age of 21. From there it took a lot of effort and struggling to come to the point where I am today. Half way, that is. Back then I was writing and producing people I got to know, people who weren’t artist, but at least they could sing better than me.

In the end of the glorious 90’s, I got to know some pretty successful producers and got involved in various album project.

One thing led to another, and here I am!

RXB: You have done remakes/remixes of two Roxette songs, how did that happen?

Peter: I was contacted by Johan Olsson at EMI in Sweden. He and Per had heard some songs of mine and asked me if I would like to do a radio mix of “Speak to me”. Of course, I didn’t hesitate.

But how can you ever make a new version of a perfectly good song by Roxette without being questioned? Or question yourself? That was the hard part.

How do I walk on this holy ground without leaving ugly footprints? It’s a question of respect, but I think I am pretty ok at that, keeping the artists integrity somehow intact.

We have actually only communicated through the A&R at the record company. Per and Marie have been on tour quite a lot, so it was the most convenient way. I have met Per on a couple of occasions in the past, and he is a real gentleman.

RXB: “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” has always been one of those Roxette tracks that should have deserved better treatment, it’s a favourite for many fans and considered underrated. What did you have in mind when you did the remake? Did Per give you any directions?

Peter: After “Speak to me” I was contacted once again by EMI. Johan said that Per really wanted me to give this song a go. He said it was one of Per’s personal favorites. I must admit I had never heard the song before, so I was very enthusiastic to try my best to get people to hear this gem.

And by people I don’t mean the true Roxette fans. They have heard it a thousand times before. It is such a great song. But since the original version is almost 5 minutes long, I knew it would be hard to shorten it to a length that is accepted by the radio.

I didn’t really get any directions. I think Per had enough belief in me to do what I did with “Speak to me”. To re-think the production without damaging the song. You can never make something that is better than the original. You can just make it as good as possible in a different way.

RXB: And last but not least, what do you do when you are not working with music?

Peter: I spend all other time with my family, -my (soon to be) wife Evelina and my twin kids, Bastian and Milo. Well… except when there’s a Chelsea game on TV 🙂

RXB: Thanks for your time! We love the work you did with “Speak To Me” and “Sweet Hello”.

Picture by Sverigesradio.

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Long and touching article about Roxette on DN

This is an article you cannot miss to read!

If you don’t speak Swedish, try using Google Translator. It’s really worth the reading. And have a tissue at hand, for the tears.

The reporter met Roxette in South America and writes about the tour, Marie’s story, Marie and Mikael, how Per and Marie met, Roxette’s past and present and fans. With comments from the band members, Marie Dimberg and Mikael.



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Brazilian interview with Per Gessle for Video Show

Though we don’t understand a word from this interview (thanks for dubbing by the way!), we still recommend our Brazilian friends to watch it and share their thoughts on this “not so typical” interview with Mr Gessle.

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Per: “I start packing very late”

The German Abendzeitung München interviewed Per Gessle about “Travelling” – not the album, but indeed travelling. The questions are quite interesting (and so are his answers) so we decided to give you a short translation.

Per Gessle, you are in sunny Stockholm right now. How long?

Per: Not very long. Very soon I leave to my other house on the west coast of Sweden and meet my mother and my brother. We will be together during Easter. Then I am off to South America. For five weeks.

And where have you been the first three months of 2012?

Per: It was an exciting year until now. We have been to Australia. In Southeast Asia. In China. We have never played in Shanghai before. Now I also look forward to South America, although we have been there last year already. But this time we are going to different places. Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Brasil.

How do you cope with a jetlag?

Per: Good question! You never really get used to the different time zones. It’s not a problem to perform, that’s not exhausting. It’s the opposite. It gives me a lot of energy. It’s travelling, that’s exhausting. The airports, waiting all the time, the long flights and that your inner clock is confused all the time. Australia is 10 hours ahead, in Southeast Asia it’s still seven. That’s much. You need several weeks to get used to that. And now it’s the opposite direction. But hey – that’s life. And it’s fantastic. I can’t really complain.

So you don’t know any tricks to cope with tiredness?

Per: You have to listen to your body. You need your sleep. Especially, when you have to go on stage. Then you really have to be in good shape. I hate medicine. That’s why I never take any sleeping pills on long flights. During the last tour I just slept and ignored all those tips, that you have to stay awake until a certain moment.

What’s happening with you when you’re travelling? How does it change you as a human being?

Per: The world ist damn huge and there’s a variety out there which is just unbelievable. If you come from Shanghai to Stockholm you wonder where all the people are. But if you come from a small town like Halmstad, where I was born, to Stockholm, this town feels too big. Travelling changes your perspective. People around the world have different attitudes and opinions. In China and Scandinavia the politics are completely different. Or compare Lima in Peru with Hongkong? You have to learn how big the world is. And when I travel a lot I really appreciate Sweden a lot more. It’s very clean here, the air isn’t polluted. And then there’s the climate. Well, yes. Not really. Only from May to October. These months are really wonderful. Then there’s a west wind in my hometown, you feel the salt of the sea. Winter is big joke here. So I don’t really care when I am travelling in January.

You like the weather in Sweden?

Per: Not really. Only from May to October. These months are really wonderful. Then there’s a west wind in my hometown, you feel the salt of the sea. Winter is big joke here. So I don’t really care when I am travelling in January.

Where do you sleep best?

Per: At home, of course. We always sleep in great hotels. But they are never as good as the bed at home. In hotels you sometimes wake up and ask yourself where you are, where the bathroom is. I can’t sleep in planes. I don’t really like flying. It’s not that I am afraid, but I don’t feel very well being up in the air.

What do you do in the plane when you can’t sleep?

Per: The plane is a good place to read. At home I barely have time for that. But in the plane I always have books with me. At the moment I read the biography of Bernie Ecclestone. I am a huge fan of Formula 1. On flights I also hear a lot of music. It’s cool that you can take so much of your favourite music with you on an iPod.

Is there anything you always have to have with you?

Per: Nowadays it’s of course a computer that you always carry around. And I actually always have an instrument with me. Mostly a guitar. But I am guy who always starts packing very late. A few hours before I have to go. Even when I am away for a month. My wife always does that one month in advance. I don’t. I have my favourite jeans, my favourite shoes..

You are kind of a hotel expert and own a hotel on your own in Tylösand. When is a hotel a good hotel?

Per: It depends on what you want. For me the first impression is important. The people who work there have to be very friendly. You should feel welcome from the beginning. If you like Spas, that’s important. If you like good food, then the restaurant is important.

And you?

Per: My wife likes Spas. I prefer the studio to work out. I think the staff is important. And a non-smoking room. It’s horrible to come into a room where people have smoked. If that happens I always change the room. I don’t need a big suite. I hate it, when they upgrade me to the “Präsidentensuite” (I really don’t know the English word right since I am in a hurry, it’s the biggest suite in a hotel). I don’t want to play tennis in my hotel room. I always close all the doors and stay in my bedroom. If you’re alone you really don’t need more than one room.

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Interview with Per Gessle on Swedish radio P4

Per Gessle was interviewed today in the Swedish Radio P4 show “P4 extra med Lotta Bromé”.

In the approximately 20 minute long interview Per explained about live on tour, about him being quite picky about certain things, playing with Barbies, “Travelling” and much more. You can listen to the interview – in Swedish of course – on SR’s website here.

Roxette Café has uploaded it on mp3. And Roxette.RO has done a short translation to English of the interview.

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Marie Fredriksson for Russian TV: Cancer is a new form of life inside of us

Marie Fredriksson gave a touching interview for programme about cancer done for a Russian NTV channel. Here are the quotes from Marie translated by Evgeny Perekopskiy and proofread by Celestte. This exclusive interview was shot during one-hour session at Marie’s house in Stockholm in December 2011.

WATCH THE WHOLE PROGRAMME (Marie’s part starts at 39:48)

A slim woman singing about changes in the microphone can actually grab the audience in venues with the capacity of 100 000 people. But when she tries to say the word “cancer”, she still feels insecure.

Marie Fredriksson

I couldn’t learn how to talk about it without worrying. I just sang the song “The Change”. Few people know that this song is about cancer. For some unknown reason I needed this meeting with cancer. It changed me totally. I started to listen to my inner voice, talk to my body. And the main thing is that I started to draw. (Marie laughs)

All that I feel and experience is in these drawings. By the way, this is Madonna (Marie points at her drawing). Not the singer, no. This is the Madonna that I imagine for myself. Who saved me from illness. Who rescued me.

The first drawings I created because of fear. I just wanted to understand what was happening to me. What the cancer was all about.

Looking like an alien, drawing alien subjects, for a while wonderfully Marie Fredriksson created her personal, alien theory of the origin of cancer.

Marie Fredriksson:

I started to think that cancer is somehow a new form of life inside of us. That people having those cells that then will become cancerous are born and live and then those cells wake up. And perhaps in the future people will be able to live with those cells.

In spite of the incredible story, from the scientific point of view, the singer of Roxette is right in many things. To transform cancer in chronic illness that won’t break off life is one of the directions of the modern scientific thought

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Marie Fredriksson for Aftonbladet: I would love to do something with my art abroad

In the series of interviews, Swedish stars talk about what turns their creativity. Who are their idols? Which albums, books, movies or events are the most important in their lives? What song has made them cry? Few days after the Tel-Aviv concert, one of the leading Swedish daily papers Aftonbladet‘s journalist Jens Peterson interviewed one and only Roxette’s singer – Marie Fredriksson. It’s a very rare occasion in the last years to see any interview with Marie – so we strongly recommend you to read it through.

How do you relax?

Sleeping. Sleep is absolutely essential. It is also important to do nothing. Take it easy. Eat well. Spend time with the closest ones. I’m so happy when Micke visits me during the tour. Not to mention when my children are with me. It means a lot. Now and then they travel along and then everything becomes more fun. This gives me strength.

Do you listen to music?

Now and then, but mostly I like when it’s quiet. Once you go on stage, it is such damn loud. It is such intense that when I leave the stage – I just want all to be quiet. For a long time. The whole next day. This is how I relax.

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Aftonbladet: Roxette to conquer the world again

In the Friday’s paper and online editions of Aftonbladet – the great feature about Roxette’s forthcoming tour and album was published by Jens Peterson. He was Roxette’s guest during several concerts in 2011 – in Poland and Sweden – and last week he also visited Roxette in the Stockholm Atlantis Studio, where the last recording session for T2 album took place. Here are the most interesting quotes from Marie, Per and pieces of information they revealed.

Big thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for all his help.

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“Svarte Rudolf” sang by Gessle on P3

Last week Swedish public radio P3 broadcasted programme “Livet är en fest” (Life is a party) with episode called “Halmstads pärlor, del 1” (Halmstad’s Pearls, part 1). Yesterday it was time for the second part with such pearls as “Svarte Rudolf” (accoustic song sang by Per Gessle) or “Farlig Terräng” (early Flickorna… demo by Gyllene Tider). The first 20 minutes of episode are dedicated to Roxette’s career including songs like “Neverending love”, “Listen to your hear” and extracts from interviews with Marie and Per in Swedish.

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Legendary “Parkens paviljong” on the Swedish Radio

As The Daily Roxette informs on its Facebook page Swedish public radio P3 broadcasted the 25th episode of “Livet är en fest” (Life is a party) programme called “Halmstads pärlor, del 1” (Halmstad’s Pearls, part 1). This radio programme included some of early Gyllene Tider and Marie Fredriksson’s gems like “Parkens paviljong” recorded in 1977 and songs from Strul and MaMas Barn record in good quality. Old interviews with both Marie and Per were used, but nothing new – except great music cuts – were revealed.

Next Thursday at 9 pm CET – second part will be aired. The second part will be on the Roxette’s career.

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