Kazan date changed, second concert in Sao Paulo?

According to biletti.ru website, the first concert on the 2011 Roxette World Tour in Russian city Kazan will take place on February 28th instead of March 1st as the first press release informed. Please, be aware that this information is not yet official.

RoxetteBrasil.net informs that another date was added in Brazil – the 5th concert will take place on April 19th in Sao Paulo. Despite earlier fears the second concert in Buenos Aires should take place on April 5th.

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopsikiy and Emilio Gimenez Bahl

Crash!Boom!Bang! Tour 1994 – 1995 (updated)

Crash!Boom!Bang! World Tour - 1994/1995

Live in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 9, 1994 at Globen
Source: Crash! Boom! Bank! bootleg

Live in Kiel, Germany on September 23, 1994 at Ostseehalle

Soundcheck from Buenos Aires on April 8, 1995 at Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium:
Sleeping in my car
Almost unreal

Alekslerin from Argentina wrote on R2R forum:
It was me who recorded the soundcheck in Buenos Aires. I pass 2 copy of this recording, some of them pass to other person and now it’s over the internet. It was funny to record it under the rain. You can listen to my voice on it!

Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 8, 1995

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Join The Joyride! 1991-1992

Join the joyride! 1991-1992. Live in Kiel, Germany on October 11, 1991 at Ostseehalle (8,000 spectators)

Live in London , United Kingdom on November 19 or 20, 1991 at Wembley Arena (11,000 spectators)
Source: “A Night To Remember” bootleg

Live in Santiago, Chile on April 25, 1992 at San Carlos Apoqindo
+ two additional files from this concert: Soul Deep & Knocking On Every Door

Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 2 or 3, 1992 at Velez Sarsfield

Live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on May 9, 1992 at Praca da Apoteose
Bianca: This audio I ripped from the home made dvd from this show. It was broadcasted by a TV channel here, but not the complete concert, that’s why I have only 12 songs!

Live in Berlin, Germany on July 1, 1992 at Waldbühne
Part 2

Live In Stockholm, Sweden on July 22, 1992 at Sjöhistoriska muséet

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Source for some informations: Roxette20.eu