Interview with Favela team: We are happy with the result

FavelaDo you remember when we asked you to send us your questions to the Favela production team responsible for the latest Roxette documentary and concert? So here’s the outcome…

About Favela:

Most of the fans haven’t heard about you until you started working with Roxette, however, Favela was founded in 2008. We know you have done a live broadcast from Kent’s release party in New York. Have you done any productions for other artists before? If yes, which ones?
We are a relatively small production company which works very widely but has a passion for music. Except the Kent production that you mentioned, music wise we have produced/directed for Sissel Kyrkjebö: Live at Dalhalla, Hellacopters: Live at Debaser, Glasvegas – “Shine like Stars”, Madrugada: Live at Spektrum Oslo. We have as well done live productions at Way Out West and Where the action is with Swedish artists such as The Hives and Mando Diao as well as international acts as Foo Fighters, Queens of Stoneage, Dirty Pretty Things and many more.

About working together with Roxette:

How did your cooperation with Roxette start? We know you were also responsible for two Roxette videos: “Way out” and “Speak to me”. Is this correct?
It all began with Mattias Holmer, now producer at Favela. He filmed Per Gessle’s Party Crasher Tour at Cirkus in Stockholm 2009. The idea started in his head the day Marie walked on stage. We started to talk about the project in the beginning of 2010. After that we have done the videos for “Way out” (partly shot during sound-check in South Africa) and “Speak to me” and two electronical press kits – for the Charm School and Travelling albums.

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A schedule of what to expect in 2013


Who would have thought that after the past busy years 2013 will also be full of happenings? Here is a list of what’s coming. 🙂


  • January: Gyllene Tider tour is announced, tickets are on sale (5th July, Halmstad is already sold out, but there is an extra Halmstad gig on 7th August /tickets for this latter one are available from 9 am CET, 31st January/)



  • March: Roxette ”It All Begins Where It Ends” documentary and ”Travelling The World – Roxette Live 2012” DVD / BluRay release (exact date is still unknown)


  • April:
  1. Roxette concert in Switzerland on 6th April – the one & only Roxette gig this year (at least so far)
  2. Gyllene Tider: Dags att tänka på refrängen – album release (release date varies at different online music stores); a compilation album called “Soldans på din grammofon” will also be released, but we have no info about any date yet


  • May: Marie’s birthday (I couldn’t leave this month blank) 😉


  • June: all GT tour participants are being prepared for juli och augusti 😉




  • September: or better said ”after summer”, as no exact date is given yet: Sven Lindström’s Roxette biography is out. As Sven informed The Daily Roxette, the book will be available in English.


  • October: ?


  • November: ?


  • December: Xmas (at least for lots of us) 😉


We hope to fill in the gaps with some Marie Fredriksson, alias Ms Effe 😉 projects as well. We’ll keep you informed about any news.



Front row feeling in front of your TV

After the premiere of Roxette’s new documentary ”It All Begins Where It Ends”, now we could watch the TV cut of ”Travelling The World – Roxette Live 2012” premiering on SVT1 today.

We got a nice taster when we saw the live scenes in the documentary and from the Joyride teaser shown on SVT Play, so we had some images in our minds how the whole concert film would look like. Favela (the filmmakers) shared the info some hours before the premiere that TV version consists of 11 songs from 11 cities, filmed in Argentina, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Sweden. Besides these countries, South Africa also appeared in the film.

Now seeing this 58m 12s long version we could relive the gigs – in the front row. Enjoy it here!

One thing is definitely strange in the film: the constant cuts coming too fast after one another, breaking the flow of the songs a bit (mainly in It Must Have Been Love with scenes shown even from the video clip). However, all the incredible camera angles (e.g. the one used during She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)), the fantastic sound, as well as those many happy and familiar faces on and off the stage make it bright, even though the colours in the film are not that saturated.

Regarding the DVD version, it may be a wishful thinking, but we write it in the name of many, many fans that it would indeed be great to have all the 26 songs* ever appeared on the setlist during the tour. If we can’t get them in video format, then at least on a bonus CD, as the sound is amazing indeed. Chris did a fantastic job mixing it.

*Songs played live during the tour in alphabetical order (the songs appearing in the TV cut of the concert film are in bold – the number next to them shows their sequence; places mentioned in the film before all songs are most probably referring to the crowds, as stage scenes are from South America; however, crowd scenes also seem to be mixed, not just from one venue during one song):

  • 7Twenty7 (5) – Hamburg, Germany
  • Church of Your Heart (11) – Mar del Plata, Argentina
  • Crash! Boom! Bang! (6) – Berlin, Germany
  • Dangerous
  • Dressed for Success
  • Fading Like a Flower
  • How Do You Do!
  • It Must Have Been Love (3) – Cape Town, South Africa
  • It’s Possible (4) – Rosario, Argentina /SPECIAL version 😉 , as Per is singing ”There’s something very SPECIAL about you” instead of ”There’s something very DIFFICULT about you” after the ”do do”-s/
  • Joyride (7) – Neuquén, Argentina
  • Listen to Your Heart (10) – Santiago, Chile
  • Only When I Dream
  • Opportunity Nox
  • Perfect Day
  • She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) (2) – Córdoba, Argentina
  • Silver Blue
  • Sleeping in My Car (1) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Soul Deep
  • Spending My Time (8) – Göteborg, Sweden
  • Stars
  • The Big L.
  • The Look (9) – Stockholm, Sweden
  • Things Will Never Be the Same
  • Watercolours in the Rain
  • Way Out
  • Wish I Could Fly

We are curious if a list of all concerts – not just the ones where the shootings took place – will also appear on the DVD to show the world at least this way how big the Neverending Tour was.

We’ll get to know it latest when the DVD is available – hopefully this March, according to Per’s earlier comment.

Are you in the mood of joining the Joyride?

SVT Play has shared a snippet (4m 56s long) from the upcoming Roxette Live concert film premiering on 2nd January, 2013 on SVT1. This part is from Joyride. Per shouts: “C’mon, Santiago!” at about 1:10, but some fans say crowd scenes are also from Argentina. As SVT Play informs, it will be a 1-hour-long programme on SVT1.

Before you react, please, remember that we’re all MAGIC FRIENDS! 😉


Thanx Arnaldo M Suarez for the crowd scenes info.

Roxette – It All Begins Where It Ends

Roxette’s new documentary – It All Begins Where It Ends – premiered on SVT1 at 22:30 CET, 26th December. All Roxers were too excited whether they can watch it later on SVT Play or not, but fortunately, right after the docu started on TV, it was already available on SVT Play. There was a 1-hour silence on Facebook, as the whole Roxer community was watching it eagerly. Our expectations were high after watching the teaser, but looking at all the comments regarding the documentary, we can say it exceeded our expectations.

Reading the articles on and on (including a touching part of the documentary) made us a bit worrying. These articles are more about Marie’s illness, so we were wondering whether the docu is built totally on this or it’s an inevitable part to make everyone understand what a big thing is that Roxette were touring the world and to show how all this made Marie even stronger.

Well, the documentary is about so much more than Marie’s illness. See it with your own eyes here!

Per says on Roxette Official:

Thanks for the response re the Rox Doc and for practicing your Swedish! The version you can see here and there on the internet at the moment is exclusively edited for Swedish TV and will be longer on the DVD (and shorter on some international TV stations…). If God is good we’re looking at a March 2013 DVD/BluRay release date.

As he informed us earlier, the documentary “will be subtitled for each country”.

Per reveals title of the new Rox documentary

Per posted the info this afternoon on Roxette Official:  the title of the DVD will be “IT ALL BEGINS WHERE IT ENDS”. The title says it all and reading the comments, it seems to be very popular among all magic friends. How couldn’t it be?

Don’t forget that you can watch a shortened version of the documentary soon on SVT and as Per informs,  more international TV channels will follow shortly. Hopefully, we are not kept waiting so long for the release date of the DVD itself.

Shortened version of the Rox documentary & Roxette concert on SVT

For those who are eagerly waiting for Christmas gifts – there will be a big one from Roxette. You just have to live in Sweden to watch the public channel SVT on Wednesday, December 26th at 10:30pm for the shortened version of the Roxette documentary which will be – HOPEFULLY – out on the DVD next year. If you are living abroad, we guess it will be available in a free-of-charge VOD service on the website later that week. At this point we do not know if the documentary is in English or Swedish.

Additionally – as Roxette Cafe found out – January 2, 2013 at 10:30pm SVT 1 will air a Roxette concert compiled from the 2011-2012 world tour!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed the Gyllene Tider casus won’t be repeated this time…*

Here’s the short synopsis translated by Patricia Peres:

After Marie Fredriksson suffered from a brain tumor in 2002 it was a long way to recovery, and no one could have imagined that Roxette almost ten years later would be revived and go on a world tour again. What started with six planned gigs became a triumphal march around the world that lasted over 19 months. We follow Per, Marie and the band in a documentary about their return, the world tour, work in the studio, fantastic and fanatic fans worldwide with wonderful stories about how Roxette affected their lives and how they live with Roxette’s music.

* GT promised to release DVD with a documentary back in 2004, but firstly they showed the shortened version of the programme on TV and then the DVD was moved in time and with time cancelled…

Gessle reveals: “DVD before Xmas (hopefully)”

After our two calls for a full DVD show and Gessle’s unsatisfactory answer (here and there), we were informed by The Man on Facebook when we can expect this “imperfectly perfect” DVD to be released. It seems like it can be out just in time for Christmas shopping.

According to various fan sources production company starts the cutting in summer and if everything goes right, the DVD will be ready for sale in November. They have already more then 300 hours filmed material! Unfortunately, we will be able to see just 90 minutes of this. As for recording the show – no concert was shot professionally in the quality allowing to be released for DVD purposes. The production team used handcameras only – the same as they did in Berlin or Hamburg last year.

Sleeping in my (Roxette) show… a live DVD would be great!

Per Gessle replied on Facebook regarding the DVD topic – thanks for taking the time to answer!

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. You get a shorter version for TV + a longer version for the DVD market. The long one will have at least 60-70 min live stuff. It’s splendido to mix up live performances w/ funny stuff from backstage + studio + hotels + airports + private areas. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep. But that’s me.

Fall asleep? We thought it would be interesting to know how many would really fall asleep with a full live DVD 🙂

We think the DVD could have the fun stuff as an extra bonus at the end or even mixed in between, but still, a full concert with all the songs which were played during the tour… pretty please…

Really, we just want to say that this Roxette live really deserves a live DVD. They are THAT good! This tour has been great, and what is still to come, a full live DVD would simply capture all this. All songs have something fun or deep or special. And there is nothing like a full concert live DVD to capture all this energy, happiness, positive feeling, power of this fantastic tour which started as a small-medium one and has grown and grown to an extent I think nobody expected. A live DVD would be a great testimony for this. If not now, when?

Thanks for reading.
Would you fall asleep watching a live DVD of Roxette? 🙂

Note that if you are for the full live DVD, you should vote the option which starts with “no”

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Besides voting, you may want to leave your comment about how you feel about this, about the tour, what the tour, the 2 albums etc have meant or mean to you. Be kind and constructive!

Roxette have no plans to release full live show on DVD/BD

According to various sources Roxette decided not to release a full live show on DVD/Blu-ray Disc. Despite previous announcements about filming in Barcelona, Oberursel, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, now we know those plans do not exist any longer. Instead of releasing the concert, the band is working on a documentary where they can potentially ‘squeeze’ several live songs inbetween. Something in the style of Gyllene Tider’s “Återtåget” documentary? We assume so. The documentary will have two versions: a longer one that is aimed to be released for sale and a shorter one for Swedish channel TV4.

The crew has visited Roxette so far in e.g. South Africa, China and now they came to South America to film the Argentinian and Brazilian hypes.

Our comment: We feel disappointed with a such decision. So far the only Roxette concert available in HQ is “MTV Unplugged”. No other show was released in any of contemporary formats (we exclude CD discs). This situation reminds us of the lost opportunity to film the “Room Service Tour”. We don’t want this to happen again. Please, Per & Marie, EMI Music & Live Nation staff, reconsider your decision!

Update: And here we got comment from Per Gessle himself.

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea. You get a shorter version for TV + a longer version for the DVD market. The long one will have at least 60-70 min live stuff. It’s splendido to mix up live performances w/ funny stuff from backstage + studio + hotels + airports + private areas. Otherwise you’ll fall asleep. But that’s me.

“Joyride in Australia 92” DVD

Posted on September 30:

Suprisingly, a new DVD is set to be released all over the world. It’s called “Joyride in Australia 92”. Suprisingly I say, because Roxette was in Australia on “Join the joyride!” tour in December 1991. After seeing the tracklist I assume it’s going to be the re-release of “Live-ism” concert from Sydney.

Roxette-Joyride-In-Australia-92-0807297012897-01 This Swedish duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid 1990s, earning a multitude of Gold and Platinum awards. Roxette songs received continual radio airplay due to the positive energy of their music, and also had their track „It Must Have Been Love“ featured on the soundtrack for „Pretty Woman“, one of the most popular films of all time! They have sold an estimated 45 million albums, and 25 million singles worldwide! Their story continues with Roxette embarking on a new tour starting in autumn 2009, much to the delight of their millions of fans!

Tracklisting DVD:

01. Hotblooded
02. Dangerous
03. The Big L.
04. Watercolours In The Rain
05. Church Of Your Heart
06. Knockin On Every Door
07. Things Will Never Be The Same
08. Dressed For Success
09. Soul Deep
10. The Look
11. It Must Have Been Love
12. (Do You Get) Excited?
13. Joyride
14. Perfect Day

Recorded live in Australia in 1992
Roxette: Joyride In Australia (1992)
Region: 2
Dolby Digital 2.0 (stereo)
1.33:1 FullScreen 4:3
VME / Voices Music & Entertainment

Source: | Thanks to pavlo @ Polish RoxForum

Edit: On October 1st Per Gessle tweeted that this release is “fake!”.

According to otus!, who bought this DVD recently, the whole concert comes from Live-ism, but it is without the interviews during the show and the quality is poor, very.

Edit, October 25: Appearantly is selling the DVD.

Thanks ATLTK for the tip!