“Joyride in Australia 92” DVD

Posted on September 30:

Suprisingly, a new DVD is set to be released all over the world. It’s called “Joyride in Australia 92”. Suprisingly I say, because Roxette was in Australia on “Join the joyride!” tour in December 1991. After seeing the tracklist I assume it’s going to be the re-release of “Live-ism” concert from Sydney.

Roxette-Joyride-In-Australia-92-0807297012897-01 This Swedish duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle enjoyed worldwide success from the late 1980s until the mid 1990s, earning a multitude of Gold and Platinum awards. Roxette songs received continual radio airplay due to the positive energy of their music, and also had their track „It Must Have Been Love“ featured on the soundtrack for „Pretty Woman“, one of the most popular films of all time! They have sold an estimated 45 million albums, and 25 million singles worldwide! Their story continues with Roxette embarking on a new tour starting in autumn 2009, much to the delight of their millions of fans!

Tracklisting DVD:

01. Hotblooded
02. Dangerous
03. The Big L.
04. Watercolours In The Rain
05. Church Of Your Heart
06. Knockin On Every Door
07. Things Will Never Be The Same
08. Dressed For Success
09. Soul Deep
10. The Look
11. It Must Have Been Love
12. (Do You Get) Excited?
13. Joyride
14. Perfect Day

Recorded live in Australia in 1992
Roxette: Joyride In Australia (1992)
Region: 2
Dolby Digital 2.0 (stereo)
1.33:1 FullScreen 4:3
VME / Voices Music & Entertainment

Source: MovieZoo.dk | Thanks to pavlo @ Polish RoxForum

Edit: On October 1st Per Gessle tweeted that this release is “fake!”.

According to otus!, who bought this DVD recently, the whole concert comes from Live-ism, but it is without the interviews during the show and the quality is poor, very.

Edit, October 25: Appearantly CDon.com is selling the DVD.

Thanks ATLTK for the tip!

Work in progress

According to Sydsvenskan’s article and web report, Christoffer Lundqvist, the man behind Per Gessle’s latest albums, is currently working on a new cd with Mulle kindergarten’s children’s choir from Lund in Scania. All lyrics were written by children themselves and the album will be released just before Christmas. All profits will be transferred to help “Sponsor a child” organisation in Peru.

On the other hand, Per has informed us today that Christoffer is busy mixing the live double LP and the DVD (Live from Stockholm). It will be two different things, so most likely there will not be any song from May 9th on the live album.

Thanks to Lionel for information.

Party Crasher-DVD at the end of summer

According to Per Gessle, the Party Crasher-tour DVD will be released at the end of summer all over Europe and contain about 100 home videos. Per also tells that several live tapes from European shows exist and they (Christoffer and Per) are listening to them these days. Furthermore the audio recordings are supposed to come as a live CD in a package with the DVD.