CONTEST – Win Marie Fredriksson’s biography in Hungarian!

As we already informed you earlier, Marie Fredriksson’s biography has been published in Hungarian. Title of the book became Listen To My Heart – Hallgass a szívemre. A longtime Hungarian fan, Zoltán Dúl decided to translate the book from Swedish into Hungarian and fortunately, a publishing company, G-ADAM Könyv- és Lapkiadó Kft. (in cooperation with SzépKönyvek Kiadó) was interested in releasing it. Thank you, Zoltán, for the initiative and your work!

As you all probably know by now, I’m Hungarian too, so I was excited to see that the book would be available in my mother tongue. I’m a fan of reading books and watching movies in their original language and of course I read the biography in Swedish when it was published years back, but it’s a big thing that after several other countries, Hungary is the next one where this wonderful book is out. (I know, I know… still no English version. Sigh…) I was among the first ones pre-ordering it online to be picked up in the shop. The planned publishing date was 28th February and I planned to read it at the weekend, but due to a slight delay it arrived to the shops only on 4th March, so it became a birthday reading for me. What I liked to see when I went to get my copy at the shop was that among hundreds of different books waiting for being picked up by their new owners I could see several copies of Marie’s biography on the online order pick-up shelves, also waiting for their new owners. So lovely!

Reading the book for the first time in Swedish was amazing. Reading Marie’s story in her own words, her thoughts on her life and life in general, her childhood, her tragedies, the ups and downs, her illness, her fabulous family and her fantastic career was a rollercoaster of emotions. Heartbreaking and heartwarming parts are equally present in the book and Marie’s love for life and her always fighting, amazon personality shines through all her words. She won’t ever stop being an inspiration to so many people all around the world! Now reading it all again after 5 years and most importantly, after what happened on 9th December 2019, put some parts in the book in a different light. Impossible to read it without tears in the eyes.

As I can see there are only a few differences vs. the original Swedish book. There are much less pictures in the Hungarian version and there are photos that are not in the Swedish biography, but I think some pictures I saw in the books published in other languages. The leather jacket pics on the Swedish inside covers are skipped in the Hungarian version. The book is translated from Swedish, but the last chapter here is the same extra chapter that you could read in the German version. Otherwise there are no new texts. The only reference to 9th December is on the back cover of the book.

It’s very nice that the publisher decided to donate 1% after each sold copy of the book to Alapítvány a Daganatos Betegek Gyógyításáért és Rehabilitációjáért (Foundation for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cancer Patients).

THIS site is in Hungarian, but this is the official website for the book where one can also order it with a 20% discount.


The publisher of the book was kind enough to offer 3 copies of the Hungarian book for a RoxBlog contest. It’s probably most interesting to Hungarian Roxers, but maybe collector fans would also be glad to have an exotic language book in their collection. So anyone is welcome to take part in the contest.

In order to participate, answer the following questions correctly:

  1. In which year was Marie’s biography published for the first time in its original language and what was the title of it? – 2015, Kärleken till livet
  2. In how many languages has the biography been published until now, including the actual Hungarian release? – 5 (Swedish, German, Czech, Spanish, Hungarian)
  3. How many times did Roxette play live in Hungary? – 3 (1992, 2011, 2015)

Send an e-mail with your name, address and the correct answers to the questions to until 23:59 CET, 15th March 2020. The 3 lucky winners will be announced shortly after. Sok szerencsét! (Good luck!)

Contest terms and conditions:
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questions. We will consider all e-mails we receive until 23:59 CET on 15th March 2020.
– 3
winners will be picked randomly among those who have participated and sent the correct answers.
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UPDATE on 16th March 2020: 3 winners are picked. They are: Nikolett Házas, Gabriella Vadasi and Márton Mihályfi. The winners are informed via e-mail too.

Interview with Per Gessle in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4

There was a pre-recorded interview with Per Gessle this morning in Nyhetsmorgon on TV4. While program leader Jenny Alversjö introduced the interview Anders Pihlblad did with Mr. G, there were several Roxette photos shown in the background. Jenny says Marie passed away almost 3 months ago, way too early. She mentions Per was devastated and the day after he gathered his thoughts and finished a song, a comfort song, how he calls it.




In the interview you can hear and see snippets from Per’s new song, Around The Corner (The Comfort Song) and its lyric video.

Per says this song was lying around for a while and he finished it the day after. His mother-in-law also died a couple of days after Marie. It was a really hard time and he finished the song actually for himself. He wanted to get it out of the system. That’s how he works. One needs to get rid of things. He expresses himself through his music and lyrics.

It became a comfort song in a way. Per realized it’s a really strong song when he recorded it with Helena and Mats. He doesn’t mean it’s an especially good song, maybe it is, he doesn’t know, but he saw it touched Helena and Mats deeply. So they thought it should be released. He knows there are a lot of people in the Roxette gang, all the fans, all the friends, the whole world were affected by what happened. Almost all people go through this when they lose someone close to them sometime in life. Everyone needs this comfort. Per’s way to get through this was writing.


Anders says there are 2 Roxettes. One before Marie’s illness and the one after it. 2 totally different challenges. He asks Per what he was thinking when Marie got ill, how to go on with his career and if he thought they could go on with Roxette. Per explained he didn’t think they could, because it felt that Marie was in really bad shape, so it wasn’t in the cards to continue with Roxette. The first thing he did after Marie got ill was Mazarin, then Gyllene Tider in 2004, then Son of a Plumber, then En händig man, so all his other stuff. So it was really surprising that Marie wanted to make a comeback. Per thinks even Marie didn’t count on it, that she would come back. She came to visit him in Amsterdam where Per played on his European tour. Anders says he talked to a Dutch girl who was there at the concert and said there was a surprise. Per laughs and says Marie and her husband, Micke came to visit him and he asked Marie if she wanted to come up on stage so they would play an old Roxette song. She hadn’t been on stage for 7 years and she said she doesn’t want to do that. But Per knew she was easy to convince if they give it some more time, so the question remained hanging in the air and in the end Marie said OK, let’s rehearse and see how it feels. One could see she really wanted to do it. So they rehearsed and Marie said let’s try it. For the first extra song Per invited Marie up on stage and there was only Marie and Per on stage. Mr. G thinks they played Listen to Your Heart and maybe It Must Have Been Love too, he can’t remember. Per says the audience died of course and he had never seen so many people crying. It was incredible. It was the first thing Marie did and then a few weeks later she called Per if he could write a new Roxette album. That’s what eventually became Charm School. Then there were 2 big tours, maybe with 300 concerts.


Anders asks Per how important he thinks it was for Marie to realize that she managed to do it and that it became such a success. Per thinks it was super important for Marie, because she loved music more than anything else. She loved being on stage and she enormously missed the communication with her fans, with their fans. So she wanted to do it at all costs. Her doctor advised she shouldn’t do that, because touring is exhausting with all the travelling, the waiting, the flying, the time zones and so on. But she wanted to do that. Per told her whatever they do, they do it based on Marie’s conditions. If she wants three days between the gigs, that’s how they will do it. Per thought it was amazing that Marie wanted to do it and that they could go on.

Anders says he saw an interview with Marie that was done by Niklas Strömstedt and there she said Per was a big support to her during that period. He asks Per what he thinks about it. Per smiles, drinks a little water and says he doesn’t know. He hopes so, but it’s hard to answer this question. When someone gets ill, you want to help as much as you can, but it’s always hard to help someone without stepping too much into their private lives. People have families and you don’t know how to behave. This is how he felt about his family too. Sometimes you feel that you go one step too close and they want you to leave them alone. They want to take care of their illness in their own private way. So it’s hard to know. But Per also saw that interview in Niklas’ show and he was of course happy to hear that Marie thought so.


Anders says Marie and Per had many common memories from Roxette times. He is curious about the greatest ones that Per will remember forever. Mr. G says there are too many. He thinks it’s kind of a fairy tale what they have been through. The possibilities, the chances, the odds for them to succeed, coming from Sweden those days and in this industry were less than minimal. It’s fantastic, all the success they have achieved. But if he skips all the golden records, chart positions and such things, he remembers those days when they were on stage in front of 50,000 people in Chile, in Sydney or wherever and looked into each other’s eyes. And then Per knows Marie thinks ”how the hell did this happen, Per?” and he thinks the same. You see the rolling ocean of people in front of you and they all love what you are doing. Such things are fantastic. But of course there are many more.


Anders realized Roxette has extremely loyal fans. He read what they were writing and asks Per how much of that has reached him. Per says he was of course devastated when Marie passed away, but he was also happy to see the response she got from all around the world. From many other artists, producers, radio people and fans, all the people. There are hundreds of thousands of greetings coming in and it’s awesome that Marie gets that appreciation. Per says they definitely have the best fans in the world. They have always been super loyal and followed them in all times. It’s been a long journey.

And here the interview ends with the flame of the candle going out in the lyric video. All in all it was a very touching interview. One can see it’s still hard to talk about what happened and it needs time to find comfort. Per says they have the best fans in the world. What I must add: and we have chosen the best idols in the world. Undoubtedly.

Stills are from the interview.

Per Gessle (feat. Helena Josefsson) – Around The Corner (The Comfort Song)

When a week ago Per informed on his social media sites that new music was coming, most of us probably thought of anything else but what he actually released today. The cover and the short snippet he shared 2 days ago made it clear what it is about. It became a very personal, heartbreaking, yet heartwarming song. Around The Corner (The Comfort Song). The comfort song. Wonderful lyrics, beautiful melody, vocals by Per and Helena matching the feelings.

Listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, YouTube or any other digital platform. Mr. G informs that in a couple of weeks the song will be out as a vinyl single as well. Update (13th March 2020): The vinyl single is out in 1500 copies. Side A – Around The Corner (The Comfort Song), side B – Kissing Is The Key (2019). You can order it at Bengans, Ginza or CDON. Watch the lyric video HERE.

Per’s heartfelt comments related to Around The Corner (The Comfort Song):

Music is an extraordinary thing. It can bring a smile to your face and create so many wonderful images in your heart and mind. It can also help you through grim times. Some songs even feel like they were written just for you, especially for you. Isn’t that strange? Or maybe it just means we’re all the same?

I finished writing ”Around The Corner” the day after Marie died. Three days later my mother-in-law died. Death was on the plate. I wrote it for me. But I guess I also wrote it for all of you out there. We are many who lost someone dear and don’t really know where to go.

I spent an intense afternoon in the T&A Studio with MP Persson on December 16th. Two days later Helena Josefsson jumped on a northbound train and joined us for some singing. I didn’t really listen that much over xmas but the first week of January 2020 I sent what we’d done to Clarence Öfwerman who wrapped it up with some beautiful sounds and poured even more love over it.

Here it is, my comfort song.


Around The Corner (The Comfort Song)

Hold a candle to your heart / Let the shadows on your face
Rock you gently with their grace / It’s been a long and lonely day

I don’t know what you’ve been through / You have to continue to care about you
Things have to end to start anew / No one can change those rules

In the dark the earth keeps on turning / Craving for some morning light
It takes the backroads, fools the night / It knows the sun is burning
Somewhere around the corner / Around the corner

Do get some rest, you need it bad / Sometimes the laughter just makes you sad
Sometimes the joy can make you so scared / It’s been a long and lonesome day

I can’t tell what you’ve been through / But I won’t ever stop telling you
Some things have to go to start anew / I know it I’ve been there too

In the dark the earth keeps on turning / Longing for the morning light
It takes the backroads and fools the night / It knows the sun is shining
Somewhere around the corner / Around the corner

Words & Music by Per Gessle
© Jimmy Fun Music


Front cover and A side of the single


Roxette received Honorary Award at the Swedish Grammis

Roxette received the Honorary Award at Grammisgalan in Sweden last night. The justification was:

“Brilliant timeless pop songs with effective angelic choruses and puns that have crossed all borders of the world. This year’s Honorary Award Winners have had all this. They therefore succeeded with the journey from a Swedish small town to the whole world’s pop heart again and again and again for three decades. With credits like 75 million records sold, 4 US No. 1’s – unique for a Swedish act! – 6 singles in the top 10 in England, and hundreds of concerts in all parts of the world, this year the Honorary Award goes to: Roxette! ”

Per Gessle wasn’t present at the gala, but we could see Åsa in the audience. While manager Marie Dimberg walked up on stage, the whole audience stood up to applaud Roxette.

Marie Dimberg held a touching speech while accepting the award in the name of Roxette. She talked about the first time she met Per and Marie. She met Per at Café Opera in 1984, when she was new at EMI. She met Marie Fredriksson later in the same year at the reception of EMI. Ms Dimberg told that Marie and Per met in the late ’70s when they shared a rehearsal studio. 2 successful Swedish artists, they established Roxette in 1986. Their dream, ”Today Sweden – tomorrow the world” came true. ”2 good friends, 3 great chords and 12 brilliant songs” was the slogan of their break-through album, Look Sharp!. The rest is history. Marie Dimberg told about Roxette’s journey, their US No. 1’s, their concerts all around the world filling football stadiums and playing for millions of people, selling more than 75 million albums, doing thousands of interviews and TV programs. Per and Marie were the ultimate combo, where 1 + 1 makes at least 3. Per’s fantastic songwriting complemented Marie’s unique voice and strong stage presence. The better Marie was singing, the better songs Per was writing. Their songs are loved all around the world. Their international greatness could be seen also now when Marie sadly passed away on 9th December 2019. She and Roxette were honoured all around the world. They meant a lot to many generations over so many years. Now a voice went silent, but the music and songs live on.

When Marie Dimberg finished her speech, everyone stood up again to give a huge applause.

During the night, Tro was also performed by a boy, Love Bjurman and Marie’s picture was shown on the screens. At the end of the song everyone stood up and raised their glasses to Marie. The program leader told Marie is a legend who touched so many people all around the world not only as an artist, but also as a person and will never be forgotten.

Watch Marie Dimberg’s speech HERE and Tro HERE. You can watch the complete broadcast HERE.



Stills are from TV4’s broadcast.

Mass for Marie Fredriksson on World Cancer Day

Hedvig Eleonora church (Östermalm, Stockholm) organized 2 masses for Marie Fredriksson on 4th February, World Cancer Day. The first one was held from 18:00 to 19:15, the next from 20:00 to 21:15. They remembered Marie and her fantastic music on the masses where the church’s children and youth choirs, One Voice choir and the church’s musicians, deacons and priests took part. The masses were open to everyone with free entrance. The organizers collected money for Cancerfonden during the event.

1000 people fit in the church for one mass. There were 2 masses because of the huge interest.

HedvigPuls is a worship service with specially selected music themes, such as Avicii, Beyoncé, Laleh and Kent. For the fall of 2020 they planned to have a mass with Marie Fredriksson’s music, but when the sad news of her passing reached them, they chose to organize this on World Cancer Day instead.

The choirs sang Ännu doftar kärlek, Tro, Sparvöga, Längtan, Ett hus vid havet and It Must Have Been Love.

Hedvig Eleonora church’s bells were ringing the melody of Sparvöga for a week after Marie’s passing.

Pictures and instavideos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,

Videos: mass, Ännu doftar kärlek, Tro, Sparvöga, Längtan, Ett hus vid havet, It Must Have Been Love,

If you want to donate money to Cancerfonden, you can use this bank account number for donations: SE0650000000052101012251 or donate to the local cancer foundation in your country.