Gyllene Tider – Moderna Tider 40th anniversary

“We were constantly trying to keep up with our own success”, says Per Gessle, talking about the times 40 years back, more precisely, 1981. Gyllene Tider broke through with thunder and crash a year earlier and the shy boys from Halmstad didn’t really know how to be in the media, what clothes they should wear or how to behave on big stages… even if they were the biggest.

The difficult second record – the one that so many fail with – was on the doorstep. But it couldn’t be a fail for Gyllene Tider – it became a success beyond all expectations.

Now, 40 years later, Moderna Tider is being hailed with a 3-set vinyl box containing the original vinyl, a vinyl with all the songs that were released around the album but weren’t included on any record, as well as a vinyl with all the songs from the original album in their original format, recorded live in the rehearsal studio in Harplinge.

Release date is 19th November. Besides the LPs, the box will also contain a 36-page booklet with Sven Lindström interviews with the Golden Five in it.


LP #1:

Side A

  1. Vänta på mej!
  2. Tuff tuff tuff (som ett lokomotiv)
  3. På jakt efter liv
  4. När vi två blir en
  5. Det hjärta som brinner
  6. Du spelar svår att nå
  7. Kom intill mej

Side B

  1. (Kom så ska vi) leva livet
  2. Min tjej och jag
  3. Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag
  4. Chrissie, hur mår du?
  5. Kärleken är inte blind (men ganska närsynt)
  6. När alla vännerna gått hem

LP #2:

Side A – 19.32

  1. Gyllene tider för rock’n roll – 2.57
  2. Vill ha ett svar! – 2.15
  3. Och jorden den är rund. – 1.58
  4. Ge mej inte det där – 2.13
  5. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta – 3.49
  6. Teena – 6.04

Side B – 21.00

  1. För dina bruna ögons skull – 3.37
  2. Vem tycker om dej? – 4.29
  3. Leka med elden – 4.50
  4. Beating Heart – 3.04
  5. To Play With Fire – 4.50

LP #3:

Side A – 23.10

  1. Vänta på mej! (Live replokalen 10 feb 1980) – 2.54
  2. Tuff tuff tuff (som ett lokomotiv) (Live replokalen 1 jan 1981) – 3.02
  3. När vi två blir en (Live replokalen 12 aug 1980) – 3.09
  4. Det hjärta som brinner (Live replokalen 12 aug 1980) – 3.05
  5. Du spelar svår att nå (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 2.41
  6. Kom intill mej (Live replokalen 9 jan 1980) – 2.59
  7. Henry, dansa inte disco! (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 5.03

Side B – 20.59

  1. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 3.22
  2. Povel Ramel, Paul McCartney och jag (Live replokalen 19 jan 1980) – 3.48
  3. Chrissie, hur mår du? (Live replokalen 20 jan 1980) – 3.51
  4. Kärleken är inte blind (men ganska närsynt) (Live replokalen 18 juni 1980) – 3.52
  5. Vill ha ett svar! (Live replokalen 7 jan 1981) – 2.17
  6. S.O.S. (Live replokalen 18 juni 1980) – 3.34

You can pre-order your copies on Bengans, Ginza and CDON. Only 2000 copies will be available!

Check out how cool the box looks HERE!


Gyllene Tider to release 4×2 vinyls

40th anniversary celebration of Gyllene Tider continues! The guys will re-release their first 3 Swedish albums (Gyllene Tider, Moderna Tider and Puls) and for the first time ever, Parkliv! – Live Mjölby Folkets Park 31 juli 1981 will also be released on vinyl.

All releases will come both on regular black vinyl and limited edition, numbered, coloured vinyl (500 copies each). Parkliv! limited edition will be white. This time the numbered limited edition means the records are numbered during production, so underneath shrinkwrapping on the back cover and will be available as regular releases at all stores to order.

The recordings are remastered for vinyl from the original studio tapes.

The items are out on 21st June, but will be available to pre-order already from 17th May. Check Bengans, Ginza and CDON!