Those lyrics will never be the same again – blackout version of a popular song

If you thought Roxette play only well-known +20-year-old songs, so you’re wrong. On the night like that, September 4 in Boston, Per came up with a totally new music line and lyrics for “Joyride” album hidden classic – “Things will never be the same”, making Marie singing acapella through some parts of the song.

Here are the words (sorry if we mixed them up):

Well I know where I’m gone
even with again you’re wrong
what’s about, what is this about
a time was gone oh oh oh

Noelia, Miedy Bishop & Myriam Roxana Garcia contributed to the article

World Wide Web with Roxette’s tune in the background

Polish edition of the popular-science monthly magazine Focus has recently published very interesting article on the invension of the WWW. On Friday May 17th 1991 the meeting of several people took place in the CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. This time the meeting was devoted to communication system between different computers (yes, it was all about internet). The meeting was attended by e.g. Julian Brunon, David Williams, Timothy Berners-Lee and last but certainly not least Judy Richards, who according to the article was humming Roxette’s “Things will never be the same” from the newly released “Joyride” album during the entire conference. On this very meeting Timothy Berners-Lee, British physicits, showed effects of his 2-year work on something which he and his Belgian computer scientist colleague Robert Cailliau named as the World Wide Web. The first website built was at CERN and was first put online on August 6th 1991.

Thanks to Kamilla Lehman of Facebook page for this information.