Gold with “Charm School” and “Way Out” second single in Germany

As EMI Germany proudly announces, the next single to be released out of “Charm School” will be “Way Out”, available digitally and on CD-single on June 10th in Germany. Roxette also have sold 100.000 copies of “Charm School” in Germany, which entitles them to the Gold award. The album already got awarded in Sweden and Switzerland.

Uli Mücke, Vice President New Music of EMI Music Germany says:

“Roxette are among the most successful and most likeable artists on the EMI roster. We are very pleased that this phenomenal comeback of the Swedes in cooperation with Star Watch Entertainment and Marek Lieberberg concert promotion and with great support by the radio stations has been successful.

As a side note, Roxette will be playing in open airs in Germany this Summer starting on June 11th in Berlin. They will visit Germany again later in Autumn as well.

Source: EMI press release

Update a few hours after publishing: Way Out will also be the 2nd single in Austria.

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  1. Hey Judith, as I found the “master source” for this news I felt free to modify and publish. Hope you don’t mind! 😉

    As for the single choice I have mixed feelings. Yes, it’s one of the album’s highlights. But I would have preferred a more Marie-heavy single: The Cadillac.

    Congrats to the album success!

  2. Strange to have 2 different 2nd singles. So there will be 2 videocplis? Or none? Way Out isn’t strong enough to be a single in my opinion.

  3. That’s the worst thing they could do (for the 2nd single) 🙁 I like the song, but it was definitely time for a little more Marie, not less…
    If they dont’t want to release a ballad in the summer (STM, NOMIOHO), they could have used BBC or OWID, there Marie takes a bigger part than in SGNO, but in Way out you can’t hear her at all and that’s pretty bad and disappointing for the 2nd single…

    Or is it about Marie not feeling comfortable to perform a new song on tour (and of course the new single would be expected to be played there)? But I thought it went well with OWID during the last gigs?

  4. Well I think that it is good that the local EMI offices could have the choice to select the single that fit better their needs. The problem with this is what happens if speak to me becomes a Major hit or vice-versa. But I think Way Out is a very nice and happy song. My favorite is still No One makes it on her own but why not third single…

  5. I think it’s great but they should do the mastering again and make Marie’s voice much louder in the line “way out, out of the blue” (… like it is in the live-version).

    BigBlackCadillac would have been a nice choice too, though.

  6. Could anyone tell me why there are two different 2nd singles for Charm School now? I thought Speak to me was the second single of the new album. This is rather confusing! Speak to me is the obvious best choice. The 3rd single should be Big Black Cadillac! Way out is an album opener like Harleys and Indians from Crash! with Per on lead vocals, but not strong enough in my opinion. I do like the live version but the album version with Marie singing backing vocals is not good enough. I’m missing a typical kick ass track like Sleeping in my car here!!

  7. roxette should make a “remake” but the not a shitty trash-europop one like with speak to me, roxette could record more marie-lines for the song and mix it new. they would have time between south america and south africa *g*.

    the sound of way out is cool but as everybody says, too less marie for a next single. cadillac would have been perfect instead. a pure summer song.

  8. I think it’s fine, they sing this song live, it’s released right when they play in Germany, I think it’s simply fine and the song is cool, kind of summer.. better than Speak to me at this time of the year, STM could be released later on, autumn previous to the autumn tour? 🙂
    I would have also liked Cadillac

  9. Well it’s odd to have two Per-dominated tracks as the first two singles, rather like when they released two ballads in a row – Roxette are all about rotating their different strengths and elements. Perhaps Marie does not feel up to fronting a single campaign just yet? I like the song, but Speak To Me and Big Black Cadillac are the obvious singles. Well … it’s an interesting choice and the concerts have been selling well so I guess what they do with their singles isn’t so crucial. I do hope Speak To Me gets a bigger budget for the video and that it is included for their London date on the setlist.

  10. I am also disappointed about the decission to choose “way out” as the second single in Germany. It’s like releasing a Per solo single. I mean I like the song, but it’s too much Per.

    “Only when I dream” and “speak to me” would have been much better choises!

  11. I absolutely disagree with that choice! What the hell is going on there? Normaly every country should get the same singles and after an pop song like SGNBTR the next Single should be SPEAK TO ME everyvhere. I defenitly are very angy about how this most powerfull song gets not the attention which it deserves. Trough the last Album realeases it was an tradition to get an ballad or rock ballad as 2nd single. And why this variation of singles? for us as collectors of roxette stuff it will be funny to buy the singles from elsewhere but I hope that it is only an exchange within the chosen singles an so I also hope that every region gets all singles but in an mixed up row.

  12. I am confused now. So, Speak To Me is also the next single, but only for some countries? I rather disappointed with their choice to release Way Out as the second single. I also want more Marie’s oriented. I thought Speak To Me was better choice.

  13. Does anybody know where to buy the Speak to me single -CD by now? I did not find any shop who sell this CD. If someone knows please share the info.

  14. I so hoped for Big Black Cadillac to be the next single in Germany… oh well. Way Out is cool either, but it looks like many people would have prefered BBC (speaking of non ballad songs). I don’t see a problem with two different singles. If Speak To Me will become a big hit, they still can release it in the other countries as a third single 😀 So why not STM then and after that BBC (still hoping for this one to become a single). We will see what happens. I hope both songs become another top 10 hit in many counties!!

  15. I can MAYBE understand people arguing that they miss Marie’s voice on the 2nd single. But I absolutely DON’T see Big Black Cadillac in the top 20 anywhere except on the personal hitlist of some Roxette fans. I like the song personally, but most people wouldn’t get the Gessle-ish fun side of it. C’mon, who apart from a diehard Roxette fan would like to hear something like the spoken “My baby came back in a big black…” part (after the guitar solo) on the radio? Like it or not, I don’t believe BBC would have stood a chance and I’ve heard several people speak favourably about the album but single BBC out as the song they tend to skip. And with all its synth sounds it’s too much like SGNO as well. All in all, I think – if it couldn’t be S2M – Way Out is a good choice as a 2nd single. My2cents.

  16. so mr jefferson, you don’t like “how do you do”, “fireworks”, “crush on you” or “real sugar” either? “cadillac” is like those songs but 2011. most of my friends thought, that was the coolest song on the record. but maybe because they are not english-native speaking people. but most roxette fans are not english native spaker.

  17. @ RealSugar: I get your point – they are similar indeed, yet I think BBC is a lot less radio-orientated than HDYD, Fireworks, and RS. Btw: I did say that I personally LIKE Big Black Cadillac, I just can’t imagine many non-Roxers liking it. But maybe I’m wrong… we seem to have very different friends 😉 Probably it’s just because Way Out is my fav opening track since June Afternoon. I hope WO will do better than June, though.

  18. I don’t mind if Way Out was chosen as the second single for these two markets, but I think that STM (the album version) could have been a good choice too, I don’t like the new version of STM, maybe that was the reason they choose another song

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