8 thoughts on “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye demo”

  1. Per really has a terrible voice… He should stick to faster pop-songs…. Disastrous!! One gets new respect for Marie’s immaculate talent as singer…..

  2. Come on, it’s just a demo, Per’ voice in demos has never been something I would call listenable 🙂
    What matters to me is his voice in regular tracks as well as on live performances. btw Is there anything wrong with his voice in ballads like Call Of The Wild, Heart-Shaped-Sea, Vulnerable?

  3. If you listen to what Per said in some earlier interviews, it was never his intention to become a singer. He is a song writer and a brilliant on at that and honesty I must say Mr G has become A LOT BETTER at singing & performing on stage (!) in comparison to the early years of Rox. There is nothing wrong with his voice when he and Marie combines it on songs…..wow!! Just listen to Silver Blue!! FANTASTIC!! Demos are really demos, nothing more. Fans are not usually privileged enough to listen to a band’s demo songs. Some of his solo stuff I also find quite brilliant like Drowning in wonderful thoughts of you, Jo-Anna says, I have a party in my head…, Late, later on, Come back tomorrow and we do it again, I like it like that, Always breaking my heart, I’ll be alright……I could go on and on and on!! PG is no vocal genius like Marie Fredriksson, but it is undeniable that he is a brilliant songwriter and and one of the best the music industry has ever seen. Now if he can just write another kick ass Roxette album soon….

  4. by the way – I got my Sweet Hello lp’s today – i understand the size of the actual LP is 10″ – I must say, I really didn’t know there was such a size.

    I put the 2 remixes in mp3 format. They kick ass!! Anyone interested?

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