Extended version of “Son of a Plumber” by Per Gessle

As Per informed a couple of days ago, he decided to release the complete SOAP project today, 26th February. The album now includes an extra disc besides the original 2 discs. It’s a digital release, an Extended Version next to the original SOAP double album on all streaming platforms. Listen HERE!

Son of a Plumber came out on 23rd November 2005 and the announcement contained this information:

Under his new artist name “Son of a Plumber”, Per Gessle will reveal his next move in November 2005; a double album packed with deeply personal and highly inventive music of a kind that explains why he for more than 25 years has been the uncrowned king of Swedish pop and an international superstar with more than 45 million album and 25 million singles sold. A rolling stone gathers no moss…

SOAP was a huge success already upon its release. It spent 28 weeks on the Swedish album charts and for the first two weeks it was No. 1. What else? It became a platinum album already on release day, selling 60,000 copies.

In 2005 Per said:

I do think it’s the most personal and also the most beautiful record I’ve been involved in, there are several tunes I think are my best ever… for what it’s worth…
It’s a very special record that needs some time to “get used to”. And that’s the whole idea, I wanted it to have a certain “temperature” and a unique vibe, not just 2 or 3 songs that you can singalong to while drinking lukewarm beer. Hallelujah!

The SOAP band consisted of Per Gessle, Helena Josefsson, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist and Jens Jansson.

HERE you can watch the making of SOAP!

This is what Mr. G has to tell regarding the extended version release:

I always considered it [SOAP] to be a milestone in my work. Why? Well, several reasons.

First of all it was a warm-hearted homage to the music I always loved and grew up with (late 60’s-early 70’s stuff). I also managed to change my way of making records (with a lot of help from Christoffer + Clarence). It was the first (and only) album where I didn’t do any demos. I just had “sketches” with me to the Aerosol Grey Machine-studio and let the inspiration and creativity flow free. And then, of course, Helena helped us out with lots of mindblowing improvisation.

SO WHAT’S NEW? On Friday Feb 26 the complete SOAP project will be released on all streaming services including remixes, bonus-tracks, single b-sides + all the “sketches”. I like my drawers to be tidy hahaha (you know me…) so this feels good. Badabam from P.

Tracklist of Disc 3

1. A Girl Like You – 2:58
2. Keep The Radio On (This Is The Perfect Song) – 2:56
3. Shopping With Mother – 2:41
4. Plonk – 1:07
5. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) (Love-For-Sale Remix) – 3:55
6. I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up (Jimmy Monell Short Treatment) – 4:10
7. Shopping With Mother (Voz Vibrante Remix) – 3:54
8. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) (Jimmy Monell Treatment) – 3:43
9. I Never Quite Got Over The Fact That The Beatles Broke Up (Jimmy Monell Long Treatment) – 5:41
10. Shopping With Mother (Mother’s Dub by Voz Vibrante) – 3:54
11. Plumber In Progress #1 – 0:45
12. Plumber In Progress #2 – 0:45
13. Plumber In Progress #3 – 0:45
14. Plumber In Progress #4 – 0:45
15. Plumber In Progress #5 – 0:45
16. Plumber In Progress #6 – 0:45
17. Plumber In Progress #7 – 0:39
18. Plumber In Progress #8 – 0:44
19. Plumber In Progress #9 – 0:45
20. Plumber In Progress #10 – 0:45
21. Plumber In Progress #11 – 0:34
22. Plumber In Progress #12 – 0:31
23. Plumber In Progress #13 – 0:45
24. Plumber In Progress #14 – 0:40
25. Plumber In Progress #15 – 0:31