En akustisk konsert med Per Gessle – PG Unplugged concert film on SVT

SVT broadcast a 1-hour-long cut of Per Gessle’s unplugged show recorded in Karlskrona on a beautiful Thursday evening, 5th May 2022. You can watch it HERE until 23rd Feb 2023 (rights valid for Sweden only, but works with VPN outside Sweden).

From 21 songs on the original setlist, 13 have been picked by Per to be in the TV cut. As he says, he didn’t want too many “obvious” ones. Only Swedish songs are there, 9 from Gyllene Tider, 4 PG solo, no Roxette. Marie is mentioned though in one of the stories and this way the O’boy joke – that was present during the whole tour – is also included. There is a nice balance between the songs and Per (and the band) talking in between. It reflects the real feeling of how the concerts were with all the fab hits in their acoustic arrangement, the anecdotes, the crowd reactions, the connection among gang members on stage. Wonderful people, excellent musicians all of them! At one point, when Per thanks MP for the amazing sound, the camera spots Mats – woohoo! – and Åsa is standing there behind him, so this way the stage set designer also shows up in the film. Well-deserved! The crew also pops up here and there, changing instruments or doing their stuff in their tech spots.

Right at the first moment, when the band and Per entered the stage I felt like I was sitting there in the front row again. This time in my living room, but the intimate atmosphere really comes through the TV screen as well. The complete recording is pure professionalism. The close-ups are just as awesome as the parts recorded from far behind to show the whole stage and the audience in front of it. The sound is fantastic too, both Per’s and Helena’s vocals are magical and Clarence, Christoffer and Magnus also sound fab on their instruments.

If you’ve been listening to the Helsingborg gig on streaming 24/7, now you can switch to the Karlskrona show and watch this amazing audiovisual delight all day and night. I’m extremely happy that Ljudet av ett annat hjärta is saved forever in this set.

Setlist in the TV cut

1. Kung av sand
2. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
3. Tycker om när du tar på mej
4. Det hjärta som brinner
5. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
6. Varmt igen
7. Juni, juli, augusti
8. Min hälsning
9. Födelsedag
10. När vi två blir en
11. Vid hennes sida
12. Sommartider
13. När alla vännerna gått hem

Skipped songs from the original setlist: På promenad genom stan, Småstadsprat, Min plats, Tuffa tider, It Must Have Been Love, Vilket håll du än går, Här kommer alla känslorna, Listen To Your Heart.

It could be a full-length show, yes. It’s compact instead, but feels absolutely complete thanks to all the professional cuts and the flow of the songs Per has picked for this film.

Stills are from the video.