#gtsommar THE 2013 TOUR – DATES

Here’s the official schedule of the 2013 Gyllene Tider tour:

05.07.2013 Halmstad, Marknadsplatsen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 20 000      SOLD OUT!
07.07.2013 Lysekil, Gullmarsvallen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 25 000
10.07.2013 Helsingborg, Sofiero Slott (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 12 000         SOLD OUT!
12.07.2013 Gothenburg, Slottsskogsvallen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 22 000
13.07.2013 Malmö, Stadion (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 22 000
15.07.2013 Ronneby, Ronneby Brunn (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 9 000
17.07.2013 Linköping, Stångebrofältet (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 9 000
19.07.2013 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 7 000
20.07.2013 Leksand, Hembygdsgårdarna (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 10 000
21.07.2013 Örebro, Brunnsparken (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 5 000
24.07.2013 Kalmar, Fredriksskans (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 20 000
26.07.2013 Jönköping, Elmiafältet (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 30 000
27.07.2013 Stockholm, Tele2 Arena (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 40 000
31.07.2013 Gävle, Gasklockorna (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 12 000

02.08.2013 Sundsvall, Konsertfest – Norrporten Arena* (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 25 000
03.08.2013 Örnsköldsvik, Strandparken (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 10 000
07.08.2013 Halmstad, Marknadsplatsen (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 20 000      EXTRA CONCERT!
09.08.2013 Skövde, Karstorps Fritidsområde (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 20 000
10.08.2013 Eskilstuna, Sundbyholms Slott (Facebook event) Venue capacity: 25 000

Ticket sale starts on Monday, January 28 at 9:00am CET.

See Gyllene Tider Sommar Tour Map in the bigger scale

Gyllene Tider plans to release a new compilation album called “Soldans på din grammofon” (Sundance on your gramphone – part of “Juni, Juli, Augusti” lyrics). Linnea Henriksson, a young female singer from Halmstad, is going to be a support act for the whole tour. The new Gyllene Tider album will be released in April this year, including 11 new songs and 1 hidden pearl from 1978.

Tickets cost 460 SEK + presale fee (except for Stockholm and Sundsvall) and sold through LiveNation.se, Ticnet.se / +46 77-170 70 70, and Ticnet outlets.
Tickets for Tele2 Arena in Stockholm cost 525 SEK / 460 SEK / 395 SEK + presale fee.

Tickets for the Konsertfest – Norrporten Arena in Sundsvall released separately, more info on the www.norrportenarena.se.

VIP tickets may cost up to 1 995 SEK.

Source for venue capacity and VIP ticket info is: expressen.se

#gtsommar Rumours & facts: what do we know about the tour so far?

Officially? Not much except that the tour schedule and tickets prices are to be announced tomorrow at 10 am CET – in less than 14 hours from now. But as always there is a lot of articles published in the Swedish press and on popular social media networks, where one can find a lot of exciting rumours and gossips. All positive for now! 😉

The tour is organized by Live Nation and Gyllene Tider plans to play in 18 places across Sweden. No other Scandinavian country is on the list yet, but we cannot exclude possibility that GT might give a concert in Norway or Finland where they are relatively popular and known. At least they did this in the past.

In the Swedish Radio interview Göran Fritzson revealed that the 2013 summer tour will kick off in Halmstad on July 5. So everything should be over by the middle of August – 45 hectic days as it seems!

Various Swedish regional dailies and websites confirmed places where Gyllene Tider’s concerts are booked by now – this is the so-far list in the alphabetical order: Gothenburg, Gävle, Halmstad, Kalmar, Leksand or Falun, Lysekil, Ronneby, Stockholm, one concert in Scania (Malmö?). So we know (or don’t) 50% of places, most of them will be located in the south of Sweden where 80% citizens live. The tour will be obviously smaller comparing to the 2004 half a million gigant – no Ullevi stadium at this point. But you never know where the #gtsommar leads.

The sale should start in January, but surely not tomorrow, official sources confirm. All international fans will have at least few days to plan their trip to the jolly Svea Riket. Please register yourself on the Ticnet website in time, so you will avoid unecessary stress during the ticket sale.

The only official ticket vendor at this point in Ticnet.se – please avoid other resellers. Those who own European credit cards should not have any problems with purchase of tickets. If any problem occurs, please contact at +46 771-707070 with Ticket call centre. We expect that ticket prices will not be higher than SEK 400-500 per concert.

More (& confirmed) news tomorrow! Stay tuned!

It’s official: new Gyllene Tider album and tour!

According to the latest HallandsPosten.se article we have the very first official confirmation of the coming Gyllene Tider tour around Sweden and a new album in 9 years from Mr Gessle himself. At this point 18 concerts are planned and the tour schedule will be announced on the 22nd of January. The new album called “Dags att tänka på refrängen” will consist of 12 songs and it is being recorded in Christoffer Lundquist’s studio in Scania. The title can be both translated as “It’s time to think about the chorus” but also it’s a Swedish idiom meaning “It’s time to start thinking about quitting or going home” according to native speakers at The Daily Roxette. It also seems like that the tour will be called “LIVE 2013 – Dags att tänka på refrängen”, but this is not confirmed yet.


In Aftonbladet story – some concert places are revealed. The tour should start in Kalmar according to various sources and Gyllene Tider will play in Slottsskogsvallen in Gothenburg, instead of Ullevi stadium. Of course, GT home town Halmstad is also in the schedule.

Goran Fritzon in the Swedish Radio interview said that album is ready in 75% and that the tour will take off on July 5 in… Halmstad! This would make Aftonbladet rumours false.


HN.se has published another story on the new album and tour. Gyllene Tider has recorded 12 songs in 10 days and they plan to record 2 more, though only 12 will make the album. All songs are newly written except an old pearl from 1978. It seems like Per agreed to do a tour with GT already in the summer 2012 after he knew when Roxette tour would be over. A big differance from “Fin Fem Fel” will be that all songs are written specially for this project, not as before when 1/3 tracks were “Mazarin” left-overs.

Per Gessle of Gyllene Tider talking about new album: “Album will include a lot of three-minute hits. Shorts songs, a lot of positive energy with guitar and Farfisa-organ in the centre. It sounds like Buzzcocks meeting Green Day after they partied with a little too much of Red Bull”. And for those who know Swedish proverbs, you shouldn’t read the album’s title as a farewell, according to Mr Gessle.

Clarence Öfwerman and Christoffer Lundquist are producers behind the album, but all guys are involved in the album making process.

CD, colour LP album and the first single are planned to be released in the spring time with no exact date at this point.

(c) Fredrik Etoal
(c) Fredrik Etoall

The photo shoot was done by Fredrik Etoall, the one responsible for the Roxette’s “Travelling” session. And here’s the promo video from the newly launched YouTube site

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