Anton Corbijn photography exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm

Before you start wondering why this post, let me explain. I am a big Stockholm fan and a location which has become one of my favourite the last years is Fotografiska.

I have already seen three exhibitions there and I can simply recommend it. Not only for the photography itself, but also for the great cafeteria on the top floor, which gives you the chance to view the beautiful Stockholm islands from another point of view.

I just received the information that Anton Corbijn’s photography would be presented in an exhibition between January 14th and April 15th, 2012. Knowing that Per Gessle is a big fan of Corbijn’s work – he has the largest private owned collection of Corbijn’s photography in Sweden, which you can see in his hotel – and that Corbijn has taken pictures for Roxette and Per in the past, I quickly checked if there would be any of those pictures in the exhibition.

The answer is no. Also, no Gessle-owned photos are part of the exhibition. But still, having become a small photography fan thanks to Fotografiska (and to my sister, who takes great photos too), I recommend paying a visit to the Fotografiska and check Anton Corbijn’s latest project “Inwards and Onwards” if you have the chance.