Jonas Isacsson responds to Roxette fans

Since Roxette’s longterm guitar player Jonas Isacsson didn’t participate on the latest album “Charm School” and the current World Tour, many fans wondered why they stopped to work together and wished him to reappear on new projects like the “Tourism 2” (working title) album. Jonas now responded to fans on Facebook in sort of an open letter:

Dear friends!
I’m honored and happy that you enjoy my
guitarplaying so much.
But let Roxette do their new stuff as they want.
It took some time for me to get rid of the ghost and
… grasp that I don’t work with them anymore.
I was sad but now I’m getting over it.
The old records are still there for all to hear and I’m
proud of my work. But that was then!
This is now and Rox are doing fine without me.
And I’m doing fine without them.
Let us carry on just like that.

Take care!
Jonas Isacsson

His last appearance with Roxette was the “Night Of The Proms” tour 2009 and the performance for Princess Victoria’s wedding in June 2010.

Good luck with your new projects, Jonas!

Thanks to Roland for the Info!

Update: Roxette comment this article via Facebook:

We all love Jonas dearly + are sure we’ll work together again.

“Best of Roxette – Official songbook” – a tracklist

The official songbook will be released this week on September 23rd by Gehrmans. So far we know 27 out of 30 songs. You can order this book in Gehrmans webshop or through (the official partner of

from “Pearls of passion”
01. Neverending love
02. Soul deep

03. It must have been love

from “Look sharp!”
04. Dressed for success
05. Listen to your heart
06. The look
07. Dangerous

from “Joyride”
08. Joyrde
09. Fading like a flower
10. The big L.
11. Spending my time
12. Church of your heart

from “Tourism”
13. How do you do!
14. Queen of rain

from “Super Mario Bros” OST
15. Almost unreal

from “Crash! Boom! Bang!”
16. Sleeping in my car
17. Crash! Boom! Bang!
18. Run to you
19. Vulnerable

from “Don’t bore us – get to the chorus”
20. You don’t understand me
21. June afternoon

from “Have a nice day”
22. Wish I could fly
23. Anyone
24. Stars
25. Salvation

from “Room service”
26. The centre of the heart
27. Real sugar
28. Milk and toast and honey

from “The Ballad Hits”
29. A thing about you
30. Opportunity nox

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