Fredrik Olastuen – the man behind plane’s photo

As you know – the plane picture used on not the final cover of the Roxette’s forthcoming “T2 – Tourism 2” album was taken by Norwegian photographer Fredrik Olastuen. Who is he – you may ask.

Here’s the little piece of information he publishes on his Flickr page.

26 years old, living in Jessheim, Akershus, Norway.

Work in the videoconferencing industry, certified on Tandberg equipment. When not on work, I spend most of my time as a hobby-/freelance-photographer.

I do mostly sports and concert foto, but experiencing with all kind of genres.

I have always been interested in photo, but it really startet to evolve when I bought my first DSLR. Now I’m almost only shooting with my Canon Powershot G10, but it’s still a lot of fun and I like to experience with motives and techniques.

My main goal is to have fun and take nice pictures of my life and surroundings, and experience while having fun. If you like my photos, that’s a nice bonus 🙂

If you want to follow my updates, you can add me as a contact here on Flickr or on Twitter where I will post every time I publish new photos.

Is this a “T2:Tourism2” cover?

Our reader Barry Mieny has removed the dark area in the bottom of the cover published by online Swedish shop If you look closer you may see that the album’s name includes colone instead of dash [T2:Tourism2[ and that there’ll probably be no spaces in between. This looks like a very tricky name!

We have no confirmation if this cover is real or not.

Update: The cover appeared in better quality at

Thanks Honky Tonk!

Update 2 by J: Sven H has done some research and found the original plane picture and some information. The picture with the airplane was taken by Fredrik Olastuen who posted the following on his blog:

Speaking of photography, before the weekend I had a very pleasant surprise. Somebody had discovered one of my photos on Flickr and wanted to buy it, to use it album cover of a famous band in Sweden. I, of course, agreed to it, nice that my work is noticed and is appreciated. The picture otherwise also received many good comments earlier, quite funny actually, since the picture was taken almost by chance.

And I myself found this comment on Fredrik Olastuen page, left by Pär Wickholm at Minus on January 11. He basically writes that he works as a graphic designer and would like to buy a picture for an album cover for a “successful artist in Sweden”.

So it looks like the cover will at least have this plane on the cover. The idea is nice, also playing with the T2 = terminal 2, plane, travel, that the whole band is on the cover.. but let’s hope the bus and the band pictures get better!

Thanks Sven!

New Roxette album to be released on March 30

Update January 24:

Here’s the intial cover for T2 – Tourism 2 release. also changed Unviersal reference – the album will be out on EMI label.

Swedish base online shop published intial date for the T2 – Tourism 2 album release. According to the website the new Roxette album goes out on March 30 and will cost around EUR 17.95. The name is still unknown.

The interesting fact is that it’s the first Roxette’s album to be released under Universal Music label.

Thanks to Daniel Kuhn for finding this and for informing about the cover.