First reviews to “Charm School”

New album is ‘out’ and we can read first reviews. Expressen’s journalist and old time Roxette reviewer Anders Nunstedt writes his review, gives 2/5 to the new album and sais that “Roxette’s comeback album is a clear return to the successful sound. Just a bit more boring. Without the former charm.”

He adds that “album is not bad, is rather twice as good as “Room Service”.” and concludes with note that “”Charm School” is a typical middle-of-the-road pop-up to 70 km/h, with no specific destination. Stable, but not adventurous. But then it sounded fun.”

There’s also two Czech reviews, both very possitive. See the links below:

Expressen 2/5
Corren 4/5
UNT.SE (no rating)
Dagens Nyheter 3/5
Göteborgs Posten 2/5
SVD 1/6
Kristianstadsbladet 2/5
Västerbottens-Kuriren 2/5
Kulturbloggen 3/5
Aftonbladet 2/5
Musikindustrin (positive, putting critics into context)

The AU Review 6/10
Rave Magazine 3/5

t-music (no rating)
Rock & Pop 4/5

Plattentests 5/10 3/5
butjer 4.5/5 (no rating)
Focus 8/10 3/5
n-tv (no rating, but very positive) 6/10
monsters & critics (rating: “convincing”)
CD Starts 6/10

Music Bug 9/10

Debaser 3/5 (no rating)

Norwegian 4/6
oslopuls 2/6

El Tiempo (no rating)

If you find any “Charm School” review somewhere on the internet, don’t hesitate to post a link to the discussion under this article!

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  1. German Review

    –> Please vote 10 points for Charm School in the upper right corner!

    The review is ok, 5 out of 10. The reviewer says it’s nothing special but still he thinks it’s good to have Roxette back and that there is actually not much to criticize on the album. What I find odd is that he compares “Speakt to me” to “Church of your heart”. I can’t find any connection there soundwise… 🙂

  2. I am not surprised. Swedish media doesn’t like Roxette anymore. After EHM tour they are also a little bit against Gessle in general I think. For example media thought that Gessles EHM tour was a big flop for only selling out Sjöhistoriska. But a couple of weeks later they thought Kent was a great success for selling out 4 concerts in a row. The thing is that Gessles one concert hade a bigger audience then Kents 4 concerts together. In my opinion Swedish media has made a decision: Gessle and Roxette is not good anymore.

    In the world I think this is seen as a big comeback from Roxette, but in Sweden I think that people just see it as another project from the already to rich Per Gessle.

    He has a point in that the album gets a little slow in the middle.

    • I am sorry to say that but I have observed in the last years that there is a lot of envy in Sweden. If somebody is too successful then that becomes negative. There is a lot of bashing and deep personal attacks on specially Expressen, quite amazing.

  3. Do you really think Daniel Media is against Gessle in Sweden? It could be true, of couse. But i don’t see the reason.

    On the other side, The Italian review and of course the other three posted above are very very positive. I’m glad to read that. Coldplay influences… it’s good that someone else noticed that.

    Finally there are a very nice sentence of one of the review “one of the bands from the 80’s/90’s that we are not ashamed off”. I think that It is one of the most clear perception of the Roxette Media nowadays. Even Rolling Stone Argentina which had never wrote a single line about Roxette have written “The swedish duo return is more an epic reborn than a simple comeback…” and ends the article stating “state of the art Pop Nostalgia”.

  4. I don’t think media have had a big meeting about Gessle, but I definitly think that many of them think he is out and write bad about his projects because of that. I can’t see any other reason why media called the EHM tour a flop, when it just wasn’t as successful as GT25 or mazarin. They also call Kent “the biggest rockband ever”, when everyone knows that GT are far much bigger then Kent.

  5. EKSPRESSEN REVIEW: I’ve translated that from Swedish into English if I understand correctly this guy is really not objective at all. He just lashes out left right and centre! He really does not like Roxette. Says SGNOBTR is already a flop on the charts and the songs on the entire disc has been heard before and continous to say that ‘no it’s not bad’ better than Room Service 2001. “SGNOBTR – Roxette struggling feverishly for squeezing out scores”. Geez I would hate to be critisized like that!

  6. well, SGNOBTR follows the pattern of latest Rox singles, poor sales good airplay… but it’s the worst performer lead single. I don’t care but it did not enter even at the top 60 in sweden

  7. In Sweden I don’t think it’s getting much airplay, and as Emilio said, it didnät make it in to the topp 60 single chart. Even Reveal and one wish got on the list. TCOTH made it to number 1 the first week.

    Let’s hope the album will do better. It is high on the pre booking charts at swedish internet stores.

  8. Oh well the music scene has changed & in all seriousness I really stopped listening to radio chart shows years ago. Never really interested in what is this weeks no1. If a band has sell out stadiums and concerts and millions of fans around the globe what does it really matter what the so called experts say with their reviews of CS!! Ha!
    The more I listen to Charm School the more I am appreciating this new mature level of music of Per & Marie. I’m really falling in love with the songs more and more every day.

  9. I don’t care about charts also but sometimes is nice to see if some album or single that you like does a good performance. Sometimes is the sign that some ppl like it, but for example in Argentina there are bands which don’t sell very well and sell out shows… It’s been a change in music industry and not everybody buys records nowadays….

  10. no surprise from Nundstedt. He is so predicitive, you can guess what he will write and how many bees he will give if you know how he reviewed in the past. He doesn’t review albums / music but bands/people, which I think is BAD.
    Of course, he is in the newspaper he deserves to be.

  11. Personally, I don’t care if Rox breaks into the charts or not – the music itself is much more important than if it’s appreciated or not. I mean, it’s important to me if I like the songs, but I don’t really care what so called general public thinks.

    I really wish, that Marie, Per and the Rox band feel the same. I hope that they feel good that they’ve done an album that sounds like the way they like and feel right now and not get too sad if it won’t be a big hit album. Because I don’t believe, the album will get much success.

    It’s a good album, good for Roxette, but not such music that will make the masses yearning for more. Not anymore. 🙁 Rather it’s an album that appeals to the fandom, gives us an insight what the old guys (and the Queen of stage) are up to now. I see many likeness of Marie Fredriksson’s album The Change which she published while recovering her illness. The sound is “raw” the same way. And, yes, I like both albums. 🙂

  12. And by the way, isn’t that Expressen guy the one who always write negative reviews of Roxette. 😮

  13. Kent, “the biggest rockband ever”? My God! Nothing against them, but the few Kent tracks I’ve heard bored me to death. Too much dark and depressing for my taste. I think I even prefer schlagers! 😛

  14. I wrote that a little wrong, they said that Kent was the biggest swedish rockband ever. Their reasons for that was that GT sold out the Stockholm stadium (in 1996) slower then Kent did in 2003 (or something like that). The big mistake with that argument is, first that GT sold 300000 that summer when Kent only did one show, and second that GT did not release the tickets at once since it was moved from Sjöhistoriska. When they sais this GT had not made their GT25 tour, so with there logic Gt is the biggest now since they sold out to shows at Stockholm stadium.
    Last year Kent sold out 4 concerts at Globen annex (about 8000 tickets), so I don’t understand why media still conciders them being the biggest rockband in Sweden.

  15. Currently on #11 (behind 2 CDs which don’t count for normal album charts) and the standard edition on #82, maxi single on #7. 🙂

  16. Without a doubt Kent is nowadays the biggest active band in Sweden, they sell records like hotcakes and they are also very popular in Denmark and Norway. I’m a big fan of Kent’s music and since Vapen och ammunition they did’t stop to top the scandinavian charts, trakks and radio airplay. Anyway I think they could never could play at Ülevi, for example. Gt 25 tour was out of this world. I don’t think that they are depresive with the music, the have revisited swedish society on the lyrics and sometimes very they end to be very reflexive about it which i found really interesing.,

  17. Expressen did not say that Kent was the biggest ACTIVE band since they gave arguments why they were bigger than GT. Kent is not bigger then GT. Finn 5 Fel got 3 platinum awards after 2 months. The last Kent album got 1 platinum within that time. It’s true that Kent is doing well on both radio and sales, and that they sold out the Stadium once. But GT is still bigger. Don’t forget that Halmstads pärlor sold 592000 copies.

    But if you count GT as not active then you might be right. The last Kent CD got 1 platinum award, but so did Room service. And when Room service was released the platinum limit was higher.

    Let’s see if Charm school will sell more than Kent.

  18. Alv: Gessle himself has said in interviews that Kent is the biggest swedish rock band. Gyllene Tider is not a rock band, it’s a pop band. There is the difference. It’s like comparing Europe with Abba.

    About the reviews. Swedish media gave positive reviews to the Party Crasher Tour, some papers gave it the same, or better, than the GT25, Aftonbladet did, for example. Aftonbladet also gave the En händig man tour a higher grade than GT25.
    Swedish media were brutal against Roxette during the Room Service period, and somehow also during tge C!B!B! time.

    It’s definetly not a post 2007 thing, the bad reviews. They’ve always been there. Of course, everybody loved Mazarin, but that was a truely Swedish masterpiece, which will be remembered for a very long time.

    The new Rox single is verry rarely played on swedish radio. I’ve heard Listen To Your Heart more times the last month on Rix ad Megapol. That’s a shame.

  19. Found and interesting, nostalgic and very positive review from a newspaper from Venezuela. It is obvioulsy in Spanish. There’s some mistakes in it but was a nice reading

    It is about the Roxette return to the scenery, the reminds of the writer about an unforgettable show in venezuela during the CBB! Tour and finally a briefly and very positve Track by track review of Charm Scholl

  20. Added more reviews from Sweden and Germany. UNT.SE: “Together, Gessle and Fredriksson produced an album that should be counted among Roxette’s best.” 🙂

  21. This morning I noticed a review of the album in Dagens Nyheter (, but I can’t find it on their website. Anyway it got 3/5. It sais that the album is “Varm and nice, but without listclimbers”. Accually it sounds like they liked the album, but doesn’t think it sounds like Roxette usually sounds. They think the best tracks are “Sitting on top of the world” and “No one makes it on her own”.

  22. I just noticed that Roxette on the front page of Dagens nyheter to. In the the top right corner there is a picture of them with the text “Comeback that surprices”.

    Also Charm school has the places 2, 4 and 13 on the “most pre booked list” at They have the SGNO video and the album on the top of that page. Charm school is also on the frontpage as the “CD of the week”.

    I think the album will do much better than the single.

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